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Включитесь в официальную американскую “лотерею зеленой карты” 2020 года - dv2022

How do the scams work?

Often, the scams will put USA Mega or some other recognizable name or logo on the paper to make it look official.

Also, most times the scam artists will also include a very real-looking check for a few thousand dollars.  Keep in mind, the check is not real — if you went to cash it, the check would be worthless.  But it looks real, making you very excited at this point that you’ve actually won something.

The scams always boil down to this: they want you to send them money.  Most of the time, they claim that you need to send them the taxes on your prize.  After all, they sent you the check, so why not just deposit the check, and then send them the money from your account via Western Union?

That’s the key.  They are trying to get you to send your real money from your bank account, in exchange for their fake check that they gave you.

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