California super lotto results — superlotto plus winning numbers

California super lotto results - superlotto plus winning numbers

When Are The SuperEnalotto Results Drawn?

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are the days you should look out for SuperEnalotto draws to know whether you are a winner. To be specific, draws go live in Rome at 20:00 CET. However, draws may be rescheduled in case they collide with public holidays. Normally, draws are not shown on Television, but you won’t miss the recorded event online at around 20:20 CET immediately draws are concluded. Tickets go for €1 which in itself is a small investment that can lead to huge wins that’ll change your life completely.

Ticket sales stop at 19:30 CET and will be re-opened for the upcoming draw once the current draw is finalized. To steer clear of disappointment, one is advised to buy tickets as early as possible. Anyone around the world can play SuperEnalotto online by purchasing tickets from reputable vendors like Multilotto. Ensure that your vendor sends you a scanned copy of your ticket as proof of ownership. In case you get any winnings, your vendor will claim them on your behalf.

California Lotto — правила игры

«Super lotto» — самая выигрышная лотерея в Калифорнии, ее стиль игры напоминает игру в Mega million. Тираж проводится каждую среду и субботу. Первое название игры звучало как «Калифорнийская лотерея», но какое-то время спустя, а именно в 2000 году название было изменено, что никак не отразилось на принципе игры «Super lotto».

Джекпоты Super Lotto

Самый маленький джекпот этой игры составил около 1 000 000 долларов США, а самый большой – 193 000 долларов. Выиграть может каждый, особенно если вы — азартный человек, лотерея любит азарт и риск. Рискните, именно ваш билет может в итоге оказаться счастливым.

Джекпоты, не смотря на свою огромную сумму, всегда выплачиваются во время и без единых нюансов. Главное знать, что вы играете на сайте лотереи, а не являетесь участником нелегальных лотерей. В отличие от многих других, данный сайт гарантирует выплату выигрыша без задержек и проблем.

Смена правил

В 1996 году, в результате судебного процесса, Верховный суд Калифорнии отменил лицензию, аргументируя свой приговор тем, что данная игра не является легализированной на территории Калифорнии, и что подобного рода «мероприятия» плохо отражаются на государстве. Поэтому в ответ на решения суда, правила игры были изменены на более подходящие для правительства, что позволило организаторам возобновить работу лотереи с полными правами на выплату призовых гонораров гражданам, играющим в калифорнийскую лотерею.

В 2005 году California Lotto стала частью «Мега Миллион», и продолжила игру на более выгодных условиях.

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California Super Lotto Results Online — Latest Lotto Results

The California Super Lotto is the main state lottery that is played across California and is drawn every Wednesday & Saturday. It’s a 2 drum game where players have to match 5 numbers from a pool of 47. There is also a mega number from a 2nd pool of 27. With this lotto, there are another 8 prize tiers which offer other prizes to players who weren’t lucky enough to get the jackpot when the super lotto results were announced. With California Lotto, the jackpot starts at a whopping $7 million and if no-one wins, it is rolled over.

When the jackpot rolls over, it gets super exciting, because the main prize just gets bigger and bigger. Multilotto is always here to keep you informed with up to date information, statistics and results.

Неполные системы

100% 2 — при 2 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 3

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 3

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 3

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 4

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 6

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 6

Номеров: 13 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 14 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 15 — Билетов: 10

Номеров: 16 — Билетов: 10

Номеров: 17 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 18 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 19 — Билетов: 15

Номеров: 20 — Билетов: 16

Номеров: 21 — Билетов: 17

Номеров: 22 — Билетов: 19

Номеров: 23 — Билетов: 21

Номеров: 24 — Билетов: 22

Номеров: 25 — Билетов: 23

Номеров: 26 — Билетов: 24

Номеров: 27 — Билетов: 27

Номеров: 28 — Билетов: 28

Номеров: 29 — Билетов: 30

Номеров: 30 — Билетов: 31

Номеров: 31 — Билетов: 31

Номеров: 32 — Билетов: 38

Номеров: 33 — Билетов: 39

Номеров: 34 — Билетов: 40

Номеров: 35 — Билетов: 42

Номеров: 36 — Билетов: 47

Номеров: 37 — Билетов: 50

Номеров: 38 — Билетов: 52

Номеров: 39 — Билетов: 54

Номеров: 40 — Билетов: 55

Номеров: 41 — Билетов: 59

Номеров: 42 — Билетов: 63

Номеров: 43 — Билетов: 65

Номеров: 44 — Билетов: 67

Номеров: 45 — Билетов: 70

100% 3 — при 3 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 4

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 4

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 10

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 11

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 15

Номеров: 13 — Билетов: 21

Номеров: 14 — Билетов: 25

Номеров: 15 — Билетов: 31

Номеров: 16 — Билетов: 38

Номеров: 17 — Билетов: 44

Номеров: 18 — Билетов: 48

Номеров: 19 — Билетов: 60

Номеров: 20 — Билетов: 71

Номеров: 21 — Билетов: 77

Номеров: 22 — Билетов: 77

Номеров: 23 — Билетов: 104

Номеров: 24 — Билетов: 116

Номеров: 25 — Билетов: 130

Номеров: 26 — Билетов: 130

Номеров: 27 — Билетов: 167

Номеров: 28 — Билетов: 185

100% 4 — при 4 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 5

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 7

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 20

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 32

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 41

Номеров: 13 — Билетов: 66

Номеров: 14 — Билетов: 80

Номеров: 15 — Билетов: 117

Номеров: 16 — Билетов: 152

Номеров: 17 — Билетов: 188

100% 5 — при 5 угаданных:

Номеров: 7 — Билетов: 6

Номеров: 8 — Билетов: 12

Номеров: 9 — Билетов: 30

Номеров: 10 — Билетов: 50

Номеров: 11 — Билетов: 100

Номеров: 12 — Билетов: 132

California SuperLotto Plus History

The California state lottery was created in November 1984 with the aim of generating additional funds for the state’s education fund. The first draw under its original name, California SuperLotto, was held in 1986 using a matrix of six from 49. In 1990, the matrix was changed to require players to match six numbers from a pool of 53 to win the jackpot. At the same time, a Bonus Ball was introduced, which was drawn from the same ball pool.

In 2000, the name of the lottery was changed to California SuperLotto Plus and the format changed from a single drum to its current two-drum set-up. This lengthened the odds against winning the top prize but meant that rollovers would generate much bigger jackpots.

The largest jackpot ever won on the California SuperLotto Plus was worth USD $193 million. This was won in February 2002, shared by three ticket-holders.

Californian law stipulates that all lottery prizes must be pari-mutuel; this means that prize values are calculated on the basis of a percentage of the ticket sales and the number of winners. This law applies to all lotteries played in the state, including Powerball and Mega Millions.

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Why Should You Play California Super Lotto Online?

California Super Lotto is one of the most appealing lotteries in the world. There’s a lot of reasons why so many people chose the California Super Lotto over other lotteries. This lotto can be played from all over the world as you don’t have to be native to California to play. It also has a massive jackpot on offer as the prizes are among the largest lottery prizes available. The California Super Lotto is run by the Californian government and the sales revenue goes towards educational initiatives. So by playing the lottery, you’re helping children reach their full potential.

  • It can be played worldwide online
  • It has a large jackpot prize
  • The sales revenue goes into education

More Reasons To Play Online At Multilotto

To win during the SuperEnalotto draw, what is required of you is simply following an effortless procedure. Multilotto is first in line to outline this procedure for you while also giving the results in a timely manner. Besides, SuperEnalotto tickets are always available hence anyone from any location can try out their luck in this lotto. Multilotto also features results of lottos making news in different continents. As such, you can find Powerball Results, New York Lotto Results, Mega Millions Results, Euromillions Results and Mega-Sena Results among others. Insightful information pertaining to these lottery games is also available.

Multilotto operates under a license from the Maltese government, hence you can be sure that the site is fair and duly pays all winners. The site has integrated SSL encryption mechanisms to keep all your personal information safe. What’s more, the website is available in approximately 15 languages and you can be sure that the customer support team is always available to attend to your queries. To top it off, you can also take a break from playing lottery games and play your favorite casino games once you visit the «play casino» section.

Where To Find The Latest California Super Lotto Results

When you play the California Super Lotto, it’s so easy on Multilotto, a leading international betting services for lotteries. They started out in 2012 and they’re licensed and legit. They offer secure and competitive placement of California super lotto numbers as well as some of the world’s biggest and most exciting lotteries. If you want to participate in this lotto but aren’t sure how, Multilotto offers information on how the lotto came about, how to play it, and what the prizes are.

The California state lottery was created in November 1984 and since then its been attracting players from all over. Californian law has it that lottery prizes must be pari-mutuel which means that the value of prizes are calculated according to the percentage of ticket sales and how many winners there are. Once the draws have taken place, the results of this lotto and all other lotteries will be made known on Multilotto. It’s time to jump in and be a part of this mid-week and weekend fun and you can buy your ticket online and select your California Super Lotto numbers.

California SuperLotto Numbers (Last 10 Draws)

Draw Date: Winning Numbers: Draw Detail:
Wednesday 19th August 2020
  • 11
  • 13
  • 14
  • 16
  • 39
  • 26

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Saturday 15th August 2020
  • 14
  • 18
  • 21
  • 42
  • 45
  • 26

View More Info About This Draw

Wednesday 12th August 2020
  • 3
  • 11
  • 25
  • 44
  • 47
  • 1

View More Info About This Draw

Saturday 8th August 2020
  • 15
  • 20
  • 23
  • 37
  • 41
  • 1

View More Info About This Draw

Wednesday 5th August 2020
  • 2
  • 4
  • 5
  • 40
  • 47
  • 16

View More Info About This Draw

Saturday 1st August 2020
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • 12
  • 42
  • 23

View More Info About This Draw

Wednesday 29th July 2020
  • 2
  • 16
  • 20
  • 21
  • 34
  • 20

View More Info About This Draw

Saturday 25th July 2020
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 35
  • 39
  • 26

View More Info About This Draw

Wednesday 22nd July 2020
  • 4
  • 8
  • 30
  • 33
  • 40
  • 17

View More Info About This Draw

Saturday 18th July 2020
  • 16
  • 30
  • 37
  • 39
  • 43
  • 14

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Lottery Odds

Players must pick 5 balls from a pool of 47 and 1 Mega Ball from a separate pool of 27.

Numbers Matched Odds (Rounded)
5 Main Numbers + Mega Ball (Jackpot) 1 in 41,416,353
5 Main Numbers 1 in 1,592,937
4 Main Numbers + Mega Ball 1 in 197,221
4 Main Numbers 1 in 7,585
3 Main Numbers + Mega Ball 1 in 4,810
3 Main Numbers 1 in 185
2 Main Numbers + Mega Ball 1 in 361
1 Main Numbers + Mega Ball 1 in 74
Mega Ball Only 1 in 49
Approx. Overall Odds: 1 in 23

View the FAQs for an explanation of how overall odds of winning are calculated

How To Play California Super Lotto Online

It’s really easy to play California Super Lotto. If you’re buying your lottery ticket in California from a retailer, or if you’re playing online, the process is the same. You pick five numbers from the 47 available numbers, in any combination you want. Once you have your five numbers, you pick a bonus ball from the 27 available numbers. You can also choose a quick pick, so you don’t choose your numbers, it’s computer generated.

To win the jackpot, you need to match five numbers, and your bonus ball to the number drawn. If you only match some of the numbers, you may still win a smaller prize. If you win the jackpot, you can take it in cash, or in a 30 year annuity. You have 60 days to claim if you choose to take it in cash.

  • Choose 5 numbers from 1-47, and bonus number from 1-27
  • Quick pick picks the numbers for you
  • Match all numbers to win the jackpot

Check Winning Lotto Numbers Online at YesPlay

We put all our efforts to enhance your gaming experience and make it as convenient as possible. For that reason, we archive all our lottery results. There is no need to worry if you miss a draw — YesPlay provides up-to-the-minute lotto winning results online. Hundreds and hundreds of visitors can easily find if their numbers were ever winning lottery numbers in just a few clicks. Your winnings are automatically credited to your account, you can request the withdrawal and get paid immediately. It is also worth mentioning that at YesPlay you can deposit money into your YesPlay account using any ATM in South Africa, which is both: easy and convenient.

Remember, the results of the lotto are completely random and verifiable on a lottery official website, radio, TV, newspaper etc. There is no magic trick, no secret formula, and no gimmick that can pick winning numbers. And that’s what makes it so fun!

Ready to make your bets? Don’t wait anymore — type your lucky numbers and let the game begin!

We love to hear from our players. In case you have any questions, don’t be shy to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 021 437 1131 for the most personal attention possible.

About California ( CA ) Lottery

How to raise the funds to State Education without raising Taxes, the answer is, start a state-owned Lottery. With 58% of state voters’ approval of California state lottery act, the California lottery was started on Nov 6th, 1984. CL lottery went on sale on October 3rd, 1985 with scratch-off tickets and a Lotto game with weekly draws began on October 14, 1986.

According to the Act, 50 % of California lottery revenue should be paid to the public as Prizes and 34% should be given back to public education. The remaining 16% of CL lottery revenue to be spent on lottery administration. Later in 2010, the California Lottery Act was amended and the allocation is increased to at least 87% should go to the Public as Prizes and funding the state education. Since its inception, CL lottery has paid more than $27 billion to the public as prizes.

California Lottery started offering Mega Millions to its players in 2005 with its first Draw held in Hollywood. With a minimum Jackpot of $15 million, residents were queued up in advance to purchase the tickets. Mega million is one of the most popular lotteries in California.

California joined Powerball on April 8th, 2013. The first draw of Powerball happened on April 10th.

California as of today has 5 state only Lottery games including Daily Derby, a horse racing-themed game.

The regular games include…

Daily 3, players have to pick three digits 0 through 9 and the play style. The bet is $1 per draw and player can choose to select 14 consecutive draws in advance. Two draws everyday live telecast.

Daily 4, just like Daily 3, but have to select 4 digits 0 through 9.  The draws held once in every day.

Fantasy 5, the players has to choose five numbers from 1 through 39. The game costs $1 per game. The Drawings held at 6:35 evening and telecasted at 6:59 PM. The jackpot begins at $70000.

Super Lotto Plus, the biggest California lottery after Powerball and Mega Millions. It is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday. Initially, it was called as California Super Lotto later renamed to Super Lotto Plus in 2000.

Apart from above draw games, California lottery also offers many Scratch Cards also called as “Scratchers”.

For details of
lottery and latest news visit California Lottery Official Website

Lottery Contact Address :

Where To Play California Super Lotto Online

If you live in California, you can buy California Super Lotto tickets from more than 22,000 retailers. You just go in store. However, one of the best things about this lottery is that you don’t need to live in California to play. You can buy as many tickets as you want online here at All you need to do is use the website, or our mobile app to buy your tickets.

When you’re going to buy your California Super Lotto tickets online you have a few options. You can buy one draw and buy again for the next game. You can buy four draws, which is for two games per week, and you would need to buy again in two weeks. You can buy a monthly subscription with your credit card. You can choose between a subscription for one month or a subscription for twelve months.

Play SuperLotto Plus Online

Buy SuperLotto Plus Tickets — Purchasing tickets online is easier than ever before now with the help of the internet, almost each and every lottery game in existence can be played online, including this awsome american lotto game. All you have to do is click on the «sign up» or «play SuperLotto Plus» button on this website and you get the chance to have a grab at the massive jackpot game for as little as $3 per line, also if this is your first time playing you will get a 100% Welcome Bonus Up To $30 Credited after purchase in your online lottery account.

SuperLotto Plus Results, Jackpot, Prizes and Rules

On this website you can find the SuperLotto Plus latest results, current jackpot and prizes, rules and statistics and of course our famous SuperLotto Plus number generator which can help you increase your chances of winning. Navigate easily through our website to learn all you need to know about this great lottery game.

Big Jackpot American Lotto Game

If you like playing the lottery and want to play a big jackpot game online for a huge jackpot win then you have come to the right website, SuperLotto Plus is the right lottery game for you and you can now play online from anywhere in the world and what’s even better news is that this game has a starting minimum jackpot prize of $7 million and a record jackpot of $193 million, making it one of the best games in the world.

Secure Purchase Online Lottery With Scanned Tickets in Your Account

When purchasing a ticket you will get to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 47, and one Mega number from 1 to 27. You can also use our number generator, which is similar to many «quick pick» options that will give you a set of random numbers but it is even better because it uses a past statistics algorithm to generate your numbers. You can use our number generator for multiple tickets at the same time also. You can also choose to play your own numbers for a single drawing or for multiple draws in a row and you can even join an online syndicate with group play in order to boost your chances of winning even more by playing many more tickets during each draw.

What Happens When You Win?

After purchasing tickets, with the numbers you have picked or generated, your tickets will be scanned and uploaded into your online lottery account, so you get to see the actual original ticket that has been purchased on your behalf. After the draw takes place you will be automatically notofied about winnings and all winnings will be added to your online account and you can withdraw winnings at any time or choose to buy more tickets with your winnings. You can also come to our website at any time and check the latest reults and winning numbers.

When is the Super Lotto drawing? *SuperLotto-Plus Draws Take Place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:45 PM Califorina Time.

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