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Before any kind of contact with European civilization, the island was owned by Australian Aboriginalsball, worshipping Dreamtimeball. They learned to love and to care for the animals and plants that lived there. Sometimes they burnt large patches of dead, dry grass and this freed up land for new plants to grow. It is said that they got here during glaciation time.

Discovery, Exploration, and Colonization

The status quo was defied when Dutch explorers came here and discovered the land. Tasmaniaball, for example, is named after the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Since USAball was independent, the UKball decided to settle here a penal colony. Due to the land being unfertile and the high death rate in the desert, prisoners didn’t like it. The Australian Aboriginalsball, meanwhile, were being repressed by the settlers.
The six colonies ( NSWball, QLDball, SAball, Tasball, Vicball, and WAball) were united into a federation in 1901, as a dominion of the British Empireball. The distance from the motherland created a different culture. Notably, Vegemite and AFL were invented here.


Most of Australiaball’s conflicts have been because of colonial alliances, such as WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the 2 Gulf Wars. But the most hilarious conflict Australiaball has ever been into was the Great Emu War (alone), where, for some kind of reason, he lost to animals. 

World War 1

At the declaration of war in 1914, a young independent Australiaball (along with his brothers and sister) was pulled into their father’s war. He and New Zealandball were sent to fight the Turks in Gallipoli. What was meant to be an easy victory turned into a bloodbath. The two young countryballs fought in unbearable conditions against a dug-in enemy. They were evacuated in late November 1915. The Gallipoli landings shaped his national identity. Australiaball became a battle-hardened soldier and left many dead brothers behind on the beach.

Modern Times

In 1942, he adopted the Statute of Westminster, making the Commonwealth of Australia formally independent from the British Empireball. The monarch of the British Empireball is still the monarch of Australia (and 15 other realms) today.

On 3 March 1986, the Australia Act 1986 came into effect. Now UKball’s government can no longer be involved with Australiaball’s government.

In 2010, Australiaball was into female leadership.

In 2017, he legalized same-sex marriage making Gay and Lesbian Kingdomball obsolete.

In 2018, Peter Dutton tried to become prime minister forcing Malcolm Turnbull to resign. However, Scott Morrison beat Dutton in a leadership spill, meaning that Australiaball now has had six different prime ministers since the beginning of 2007.

Later that same year, Australiaball decided to make a space agency. Adelaideball will stage the headquarters.

Near the end of 2019-beginning of 2020, he had some huge fires on his east coast, they are currently the most destructive fires to have occurred since the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoriaball

Currently loosening COVID-19 restrictions as he is slowly recovering. (despite his USAball saying he is a failure)

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