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Biggest france loto winners

Although the France Loto has a fairly modest €2 million minimum jackpot, that does not mean it can’t shell out a significant amount. Each time this lottery will roll over, the jackpot increases in €1 million increments. Additionally for this, the jackpot’s capability to rollover is limited to a fairly generous 34 occasions. The biggest single-ticket jackpot prize won around the France Loto was €24 million, in June 2011. The jackpot had folded over a remarkable 11 occasions from the beginning special draw jackpot prize of €13 million to finish on this amount – nearly double the amount initial prize, because of 11 consecutive rollovers. The France Loto has additionally had its great amount of wonderful results one incredibly lucky lottery player in the south of France required home the jackpot in 1996, and on the other hand this year.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

There are ten different ways you can win a prize in France Lotto, from matching just the Chance number for a €2.20 prize all the way up to matching all six main numbers to win the jackpot. The prizes are not always the same because they work on a pari-mutuel basis, so the value is determined by how many tickets are sold and the number of winners.

Find out more about the different criteria for each division below, including the odds of winning in each.

France Lotto Prizes and Odds
Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds Percentage of Prize Fund
1 5 plus Chance 1 in 19,068,840 Jackpot
2 5 1 in 2,118,760 8.44%
3 4 plus Chance 1 in 88,677 2.06%
4 4 1 in 9,631 7.43%
5 3 plus Chance 1 in 2,016 4.44%
6 3 1 in 224 15.98%
7 2 plus Chance 1 in 144 12.43%
8 2 1 in 16 49.22%
9 1 plus Chance 1 in 28 €2.20
10 Chance number 1 in 18 €2.20
The overall odds of winning a France Lotto prize are 1 in 5.99

The percentage shown for each prize division is the figure that will be allocated once the jackpot and the fixed prizes (1 plus Chance and 0 plus Chance) have been paid.

Six prize categories Loto

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 8.30 CET it’s time for the draw. Place to be is the beautiful capital of Paris. You can win money in one of the six prize categories, also known as ‘tiers’.

Prize category Numbers
Jackpot 5 + Lucky Number
2nd prize 5
3rd prize 4
4rd prize 3
5th prize 2
6th prize Lucky Number

Experience a bit of madness during the French Loto draws

French people like to make a gamble. This is clearly shown by the French Loto, that attracts thousands of players every week. France is completely excited three times a week, when the draw takes place. You can win big prizes and a Jackpot of a few million euros. It gets even more exciting when there is no Jackpot hit. In that case the money will be increased with one million dollars. So it comes at no surprise that there’s a little bit of madness during the French Loto draw!

Cheap lottery tickets
The lottery tickets are also quite cheap, namely 5 euro. Much cheaper than Dutch lotteries like the National Lottery and Bank Giro Lottery, for example. You can purchase the tickets easily online, namely at the Lotter. It might be a good option to purchase three lottery tickets together for 15 euro. In that case your chance on winning a French Loto prize is 1/16. You also benefit from the discount that is given on multiple tickets. Sometimes you even pay 25 percent less, while your winning chance increases as well!
Rules of the French Loto
The rules of the French Loto are really simple. You need to pick five numbers from a range of 1 to 49, and one extra number out of 1 to 10. You win the Jackpot if your chosen numbers and the extra numbers match with the numbers that appear during the draw. You win the second prize when five numbers match without the extra number. You win the third prize when four numbers and the extra number are correct. You can even win the tenth prize. In that case only the extra number (1-10) must be correct.

Good winning chances
The French Loto is not only popular because of the great Jackpot. The winning chance of 1:16 is important for the popularity of this lottery as well. A winning chance of 1:16 is actually quite good, compared to other lotteries. Winners don’t even have to pay taxes, which makes this lottery different from the Powerball Lottery. One of these winners was a factory worker from the French city of Montpellier. He won the Jackpot not once, but twice! In 1996 a few million French Francs were added to his bank account, about 2.8 million euros. Funny enough the millionaire decided not to quit playing. He loved it so much that the played again with the same numbers. They definitely were his lucky numbers, because in 2011 he won the Jackpot of 3 million dollars!

New millionaires
You think that the story of the French factory worker is too good to be true, but it really happened. He’s not even the luckiest player, because that’s the person who won the incredible amount of 24 million euros in 2011! He or she became incredible rich with numbers 10, 13,22,30 and 45 and the reserve number 1. The second highest Jackpot hit fell in May 2014, when someone won 23 million euros with just one ticket. In this case 8, 9, 40, 41, 49 and 3 were the lucky numbers.

Latest Loto draw 2020

The latest Lotto draw of the La Française des Jeux in France on Monday, see our website for the last information.

Winning the French Lotto Jackpot

As is the case with any other lottery, it’s all about picking the right number. In the case of France Loto you have to choose five numbers from a range of 49. There’s also a Lucky Number involved from a range of 1-10. You win the Jackpot when the standard number and Lucky Number correctly, so six numbers in total. The minimum amount of Jackpot money is 2 million euros, but this increases when there’s no hit. In that case the Jackpot is one million more next time. The maximum number of roll overs is 34.

Big Jackpot
The winning odds of the France Loto Jackpot aren’t very high. On the other hand: the amount of Jackpot money is definitely impressive when you win. For example, a very lucky player won 24 million euros in 2011! It took 13 draws before this special moment. Interesting is the fact that the Jackpot started with 13 million euros, so because of the many rollovers it nearly doubled. Another great Jackpot hit took place in 1996. Sometimes it takes years, but when the Jackpot falls it definitely makes the headlines!

Where can you buy French Loto tickets?

You can purchase France Loto tickets in one of the official stores or online at TheLotter. A ticket usually costs a few euros. There’s a possibility to increase your winning chances, namely by choosing a systematic form with the numbers 7, 8 or 9. A 5-line or 6-line lottery ticket might bring you luck as well. It might also help if you buy a multi-draw package of 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws. It has two advantages, namely a discount and a higher winning chance. A subscription for France Loto is a good idea as well, because in that case you participate in every draw. Besides that you get a free 10th ticket every time. You can choose your lucky numbers manually or with a quick pick. After the purchase it’s time to wait for the draw on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 20.30 GMT.

France Lotto Results

Wednesday, 19 August 2020







Jackpot for this draw: €3,000,000

2nd Tirage Draw Results






Show France Lotto Winners 08-19

Prize Division Prize Amount Winners Total Prize Fund
Match 5 plus Bonus €3,000,000.00 Rollover 0 €0.00
Match 5 €0.00 €0.00
Match 4 plus Bonus €10,092.70 22 €222,039.40
Match 4 €565.10 278 €157,097.80
Match 3 plus Bonus €76.70 1,223 €93,804.10
Match 3 €22.20 15,168 €336,729.60
Match 2 plus Bonus €13.80 18,971 €261,799.80
Match 2 €4.40 235,090 €1,034,396.00
Match 0 plus Bonus €2.20 240,637 €529,401.40
Totals: 511,389 €2,635,268.10

2nd Tirage Winners

Prize Division Prize Amount Winners Total Prize Fund
Match 5 €100,672.00 1 €100,672.00
Match 4 €1,092.70 114 €124,567.80
Match 3 €53.40 5,994 €320,079.60
Match 2 €3.00 97,369 €292,107.00
Totals: 103,478 €837,426.40

Правила игры в лото Франции. Как выиграть джек-пот.

Игроки отмечают 5 номеров от 1 до 49 и один дополнительный номер от 1 до 10, после чего оплачивают €2.20 за билет. Чтобы сорвать джекпот, игроки должны угадать все 6 выпавших чисел. Есть также и другие призы, начиная от возмещения стоимости билеты за правильно угаданный дополнительный номер (€2.20) и заканчивая выигрышем в €100,000 за совпадение 5-ти основных номеров.

В целом, шансы на победу в одном из призовых уровней равны 1 из 5.99, и являются одними из самых высоких среди подобных европейских игр. Минимальный джек-пот французского лото равен 2 миллионам евро, в то же время, максимальный размер главного приза не может превышать 36 миллионов евро. На данный момент, максимальный выигранный джек-пот равен 18,2 миллионам евро.

Выплаты призов лото Франции проводятся таким образом, что выплачиваемая сумма не облагается налогами, однако надо помнить, что для участия во французской лотерее, игроку должно исполниться как минимум 18 лет.

How to Play France Lotto

France Lotto draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The winning numbers are drawn at 20:35 CET, but the draw schedule according to local time in South Africa may change, as France observes Daylight Savings Time. See the on this page for the exact times France Lotto is drawn throughout the year.

Tonight’s France Lotto Jackpot

€4 MillionSaturday, 22 August 2020

Time left to buy tickets:


It’s a DOUBLE Rollover!

Play Online Now

The aim is to match your numbers with the winning ones randomly selected in each draw. Six numbers between 1 and 49 are drawn, plus a Chance number from a separate pool of 1 to 10. The Chance number can be the same as one of the main numbers.

Playing from South Africa

You can participate in France Lotto online from South Africa, as well as from locations around the world. Follow these instructions to enter online:

  • Visit an online lottery provider that offers France Lotto.
  • Choose your five numbers from between 1 and 49, and your Chance number from between 1 and 10 – alternatively, select ‘Quick Pick’ for a random selection of numbers.
  • Enter as many sets of numbers as you would like to play.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to enter multiple draws.
  • Select ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Pay for your entries.

Any prizes you win will automatically be transferred to your online lottery account. You may need to register for an account before you complete your first ticket purchase.

France Lotto Raffle

The France Lotto Raffle is an additional game played alongside the main draw. A nine-character raffle code is generated along with your lottery numbers; if you match your code with one of the ten raffle codes randomly picked on the night of the draw, you win a €20,000 prize.

Note that the France Lotto Raffle may be unavailable to some online participants entering from outside of France.

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