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Prize Rules

All prizes must be claimed in the state where the tickets were purchased. Each state has its own rules about when and how winnings must be claimed; it is your responsibility to come forward before your ticket expires, and through the correct channels. Visit the How to Claim page for more information.

Winning tickets must be checked and validated by the lottery operator in the state where the ticket was bought, or by an agent of the operator, such as a licensed retailer, before prizes can be paid out. If you do win a large lottery prize or jackpot, you will be liable for federal taxation in the US, regardless of whether or you’re a resident or citizen. This is set at a rate depending on your total annual income, plus the size of your winnings. The lottery makes an immediate 25 percent federal withholding on winnings of more than $5,000, and most states levy a local withholding, although there are ten which do not.

Below are the tax withholdings by state, although certain other factors – such as residency – could affect these. For further advice, consult a professional financial advisor.

State Taxes on Mega Millions Payouts
State/Jurisdiction State Tax
California 0%
Florida 0%
New Hampshire 0%
Puerto Rico 0%
South Dakota 0%
Tennessee 0%
Texas 0%
U.S Virgin Islands 0%
Washington State 0%
Wyoming 0%
North Dakota 2.9%
New Jersey 3%
Pennsylvania 3.07%
Indiana 3.4%
Illinois 3.75%
Colorado 4%
Missouri 4%
Ohio 4%
Oklahoma 4%
Virginia 4%
Michigan 4.25%
Mississippi 3-5%
Arizona 5%
Iowa 5%
Kansas 5%
Louisiana 5%
Maine 5%
Massachusetts 5%
Nebraska 5%
North Carolina 5.75%
Rhode Island 5.99%
Georgia 6%
Kentucky 6%
New Mexico 6%
Vermont 6%
West Virginia 6.5%
Delaware 6.6%
Montana 6.9%
Connecticut 6.99%
Arkansas 7%
South Carolina 7%
Minnesota 7.25%
Idaho 7.4%
Wisconsin 7.75%
Oregon 8%
Washington D.C 8.5%
Maryland 8.75%
New York 8.82%
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