Eurojackpot результаты онлайн

Евроджекпот | крупнейшая официальная лотерея европы

Eurojackpot Results and prizes

The last Eurojackpot Results are published shortly after the draw. That is to say, on Friday 29th March, the numbers 42 15 24 9 4 and two numbers additionally, 8 and 9 were drawn. Overall, the jackpot was € 19,614,132 and there were surprisingly over 760,000 winners.

Above all, it would be good if you manage to guess the next Eurojackpot results. However, to do this you surely need to know how many numbers to choose. By all means, you also undoubtedly need to know how to increase the chances of winning a prize.

For that reason, we often state all the last information that could help you with the choice straightaway in the article. In the hope that you will manage to get your lucky combination, we additionally post information like overall frequency of number drawings.

Presently euro jackpot results Helsinki are, as shown above, published right after the draw. Must be remembered, the draw takes place at 21:00 EEST in Helsinki every Friday night. There are indeed not many people who did not hear about this European lottery game, all thanks to the significantly big prizes.

Eurojackpot результаты онлайн

How to play

Of course, the rules of the game are obviously very simple. At first, you choose five main numbers and additionally, two numbers more. After that with a few simple steps, you get your ticket and just wait for the draw so you can see the results.

In case they all match, it obviously means you won the biggest prize possible, the jackpot. But, don’t worry if you don’t match them all because there are also many surprisingly great prizes left. That is to say, If you match five main numbers and only one additional, you would still remain within millions.

While it may be true that you obviously win less if you match fewer numbers, it is very unlikely to end up empty-handed as presently there are as many as 12 prizes possible. In the worst case scenario, you will altogether get back the money you spent on your ticket.

Given these points, many people particularly wonder what happens if nobody wins the jackpot. To point out, there is a term called rollover, which means that the amount of jackpot evidently grows and can be won in the next draw. In fact, if nobody wins again the following amount increases again until it significantly hits the € !00,000,000.

After that, the extra income will be otherwise transferred to the next prize pool. In this situation winning the second prize surely won’t be an overall disappointment.

Eurojackpot результаты онлайн

What are the prizes

Because nobody obviously plays this game just for the fun itself, we bring you particularly the news about the last amounts of prizes. By the time you finish reading this, you will surely be more motivated to engage in the game.

Firstly, we will start with Jackpot which significantly jumped on € 19,614,131.71. In addition to that, there was no winner of the Jackpot, so that means the amount will be even significantly bigger in the next draw.

After that, we have a second prize which was explicitly offering € 830,333.90. But, even more, the third prize was also not that bad surprisingly standing at € 100,996.30.

Furthermore, the fourth prize was € 5,610.90. So even if you overall guess only four main numbers, those two you pick additionally can otherwise get you at least a few thousands. Following comes the fifth prize which is € 220.

Of course, that is not the end of it, we still have a sixth prize which brings € 103.50. After that, there is even more, there are six prizes left which range from € 75.10 all the way to € 7.50. Therefore, at least a large number of people got back the money invested.

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