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Lottery wins

Another example of substitution of concepts is winning the lottery. By default, any bet refund amount (even 101 ruble at ticket price 100 rubles) is considered a win. So it turns out, what 73% won. Moreover, only 3% received significant (size not specified) prizes

Winnings, which went to the study participants

Pay attention to the point - Expectation of the winning amount - the most popular answer here is the amount from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles. At the same time, most of them dream of prizes up to a million (57%) participating

This indicator very clearly shows both the beggarly incomes of Russians and, respectively, the mundane dreams of lottery players, who want to win at least some money for life and current consumption.

Next win range, from 1 to 10 million (which is guaranteed to help solve the same housing issue) only attracts 13% participants.

The last point can serve as an example of the result of widespread media coverage of the victory of a pensioner from Panino, which became the first major winner of which was shown to the public. If in 2016 about winning over 500 million only dreamed 4% participants, then in 2017 there were already such 9%.

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