What lottery to play

What type of lottery is better to choose?

Lotteries may differ in the way they are conducted. On this basis, there are two types:

  1. Draw lottery - the prize fund is drawn between all participants, and the game is played at a time after the sale of lottery tickets for a specific date and time. According to Russian law, during the drawing, only one piece of equipment may be used to determine the winning combination of numbers or symbols - in order to avoid fraud.
  2. Silent lottery (instant) - information for determining the prize is included in the tickets at the time of their creation. You can find out the result immediately after purchasing a game card, removing the protective cover, under which there are hidden characters. Their combination determines the absence or presence of a win, and also its size.

The lottery gives you the opportunity to try your luck and get rich, spending some money on a ticket

When choosing a type, some features should be taken into account.:

  • Draw lotteries often have a larger prize pool. Usually, the participant has the opportunity to independently choose a combination, which, in his opinion, will be victorious. In this case, you will have to wait for the drawing.
  • Winnings are less in sweepstakes lotteries, but, according to statistics, win them more often. Another advantage - the result can be found instantly.
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