Ukrainian national lottery

Украинская национальная лотерея википедия


Enterprise with 100% foreign investments "Ukrainian National Lottery" was founded in 1997 Florida resident, by US citizen William Francis Flynn.
In September 1997 year corporate rights to the Company from 100% foreign investments "Ukrainian National Lottery" was transferred to the company "Olympic Gold Holdings Limited" (Olympic Gold Holdings Limited), which represented the interests of a group of foreign investors from the UK, Sweden, Austria and others.
Since august 2014 years the company has 100% foreign investments "Ukrainian National Lottery" began the process of reorganization of the corporate property structure, which in March 2016 ended with the transfer of rights to the Ukrainian operator of state lotteries to the Limited Liability Company "Efamiando Holdings Limited" (Efamiando Holdings Limited ), Republic of Cyprus.

Tretyakov Alexander Yurievich and a number of other high-ranking officials become the actual owner. According to media reports, Gleb Zagoriy appears among officials (co-owner of the pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa", deputy list-book from the "Petro Poroshenko Bloc") and Boris Lozhkin (former head of the administration of Petro Poroshenko, as well as the Chairman of the Investment Council.).

At the beginning 2018 corporate rights to the Company with 100% foreign investments "Ukrainian National Lottery" were acquired by an investor from the UK Michael John Foggo, whose interests are represented by Hong Kong Rui Bo Investment Limited (Hong Kong Rui Bo Investment Limited), registered under the laws of Hong Kong. Foggo spent most of his business in East Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, China. He worked in the financial sector and directly managed companies and projects in the field of real estate investment management, media industry, including production and broadcasting, and, sure, in the gaming industry.

In March 2018 journalists conducted an investigation about who really owns the "Ukrainian National Lottery" and who is Michael John Foggo. As a result, it was established, that Michael Foggo is the head of the Hong Kong registered (special administrative region of China) Churchill Fiduciaries Limited. Fiduciary – this is a confidant, which manages the property (nominee director services) on behalf of the real owner, unwilling to shine. And the real composition of the owners remained unchanged.

Journalists found, that Mr. Foggo has a common business in Britain with the Russians. So, TAURUS TRIPLICATA LLP (Company number OC414265) controlled by Mr. Foggo together with Russian citizen KOMAROV, Alexander. Shares in the company are divided between Foggo and Komarov 75% on 25%. Mr. Foggo became the owner of this company 20 December 2017. That is, just before the date of purchase of "UNL". At the same time, a citizen from the Russian Federation owns a share in this company with 2016 of the year.

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