Russian Lotto lottery rules

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How to find out the result of the drawing?

You can find out the results of each drawing, by watching a live broadcast or a saved video in the "Circulation Archive" section on the Stoloto website or

If you bought a Bingo lottery ticket 75, linking it to a mobile phone number, you can learn about the win from SMS, which will come after the draw. If you bought a paper ticket without reference to a phone number, you can check it by the number of the coupon itself. To do this, go to the Stoloto website, select section Bingo 75, click on the link "Check ticket".

There are several more ways to find out the results of the draw and check, whether your coupon won:

  1. Visit a lottery ticket distribution point and contact a consultant or seller.
  2. Call a single number 8 900 555-00-55.
  3. Dial the code on your mobile phone *777. This way of informing is free, if you are a subscriber of Beeline mobile operators, "Megaphone", Tele2 or MTS.

The easiest way to see draw results and check Bingo lottery coupons 75 - receive information in Stoloto's personal account (main site, mobile version, app for gadgets).

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