The meaning of the word "circulation"

Rules of conduct

A jug in Russian Lotto is an additional prize. Each draw contains non-dropped kegs with specific numbers. If your ticket contains all of them in the upper or lower field, then you become a winner.

In "Russian Lotto" the coin-box is not played on a regular basis. The organizer does not know the exact dates. Learn about an additional draw, you can use the information on the ticket itself.

Prize amount is from 1,5 thousand rubles to 4 thousand. Respectively, each participant has a good chance of winning.

Basic rules for drawing a coin-box:

The size of the capsule is determined by the organizer independently

After the end of the drawing you can find all the information on the drawing page;
Win tickets, where are all non-drawn numbers during the main draw, are in the upper or lower playing field;
When buying a lottery ticket, pay attention to the availability of information, will there be a coin-box;
After the end of the drawing, check the ticket on the official site lottery;. How to check a ticket on the company's website, read in our material

How to check a ticket on the company's website, read in our material.

  • The sum of the winnings per stoloto pot on average is from 1500 to 4000 rubles;
  • The "Russian Lotto" lottery is held every Sunday at 8:20 mornings Moscow time on the NTV channel.
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