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How to play the next lottery draw online with systems? Just choose a ready-made one in the systems bulletin board. As an alternative you can create one by choosing the lucky numbers among the laggards or among the most frequent numbers and the reduction (it is. mini crossword puzzle). Using special software (it's excel), an algorithm and a method based for example on the delay you can easily choose the numbers to play.

Just make your own predictions and predictions using the statistics available on the various online sites and at no cost and simply looking for the contest code. With a crossword puzzle system you increase your chances of winning, because there are more combinations and more columns played. Obviously how much a system costs depends on the number of columns played (as for the quick picks including the famous ladybug and the multi-star).

Today's superenalotto systems can be played whole or in carats, they are a way to increase the chances of winning and if the bets are not involved in immediate wins.

Superenalotto archive of previous draws

The online superenalotto archive of previous draws has all the results of the winning sixths. E’ available on the new website or on the Giochi24 mobile app. It collects the data on the official website and is used to verify the Superenalotto winnings and prizes. You can search the draws by contest number up to yesterday. The latest draw can also be seen there (that the channel with special focus and the Sisal TV logo, and don't tell, broadcasts live in real time).

It must always be remembered that the official ticket has the Sisal inscription and the symbol and logo of the Customs and Monopoly Agency as reported in the facsimile in the receivers (or in bars with the sign or poster).

How to play the Superenalotto today: the coupon

The game is new since 2016, when AAMS increased the prize pool, introduced instant winnings up to 1.000 Euro and the chance to win with the 2. The way and the method to play instead to date has not changed compared to the classic game. Just choose on the bet slip 6 lucky numbers between 1 e 90 for the next draw. You can play online up to a maximum of 27.132 combinations for competition and subscription up to 15 competitions.

Today the coupon of the lottery online and on the App has 2 panels (column) and you can decide whether to compile one or both. How many numbers are there to play? You can choose one or more SuperStar numbers and up to 30 different numbers per panel. How much does it cost to play? Each combination costs € 1 and the minimum bet is a combination (6 numbers).

Making the predictions and guessing the numbers on the card, you can win the prize pool of the superenalotto at odds. The combinations are: 6, 5+wild card number, 5, 4, 3 The 2 numbers at the last draw. The probability of winning goes from 1/622 Millions (for six) a 1/22 (for two) and with systems it is easier to win. How much you win with two numbers in the lottery? The results statistics say 5 Euro. Instant winnings from € 25 up to € 1000 are also possible: in this case the result will be displayed on the receipt. If between the numbers of the bets (except Superstar numbers) find all those in the magic square, you have won. To check the winnings and lottery odds with systems and coupons, instead of having to check the draw numbers.

The Superenalotto Online

How to play the online Superenalotto today? On Giochi24 it's easy: registration is free and there are 10 Bonus Euros. You can use PC or mobile, the website or mobile app available for Android and Apple. The opinions of the players are excellent with 4 stars on Google and Trustpilot. The superenalotto systems chosen on the bulletin board can also be played (it is. crossword system) or customized. The time is established by the AAMS game program: every day 24 hours a day but when there is’ the extraction until 19:30 and after 21:30. It is very easy and absolutely safe, as you can check from the opinions of users. The game is the same as Sisal (same official logo).

How to pay? A credit card is enough, an ATM, Paypal or a postepay and winnings are paid by bank transfer or postepay. in conclusion, buying a ticket online is easy and just go to the game panels even now, fill in the folder you are most passionate about and just a few clicks. As an alternative there are systems (it is. mini crossword puzzle) e i quick pick (including the famous with the ladybug or multi-star symbol).

The game also exists online in the version “you win everything” which has one draw per week on Wednesday and where all the superenalotto prize money is distributed in winnings because there is no’ it super jackpot. The card in this case provides only 6 numbers because there is no Superstar option (which requires an additional ball in the extraction).

How to check the SuperEnalotto ticket

To play SuperEnalotto you need to fill in the ticket by choosing 6 numbers up 90, or purchase a randomly generated game from the gaming terminal in the betting shop. The cost of the operation is € 1, unless you decide to participate in a wider category of prizes at a cost of € 0.50, thus going to choose the Superstar number: it can also be chosen from 90 numbers or randomly assigned by the terminal.
When filling out the coupon, the player can choose between two types: the first allows you to fill in up to two red panels and assign the Superstar number to only one or both of these, marking it in the corresponding panel on the right. It is also possible to play only the Superstar number or just one panel 6 numbers, in this case the cost will be only 1 €.
The second bet slip is slightly different, as it allows you to fill in up to five red panels at a time, but playing in this mode, players can only choose one Superstar, to be associated also with multiple panels; in this case it is sufficient to make a mark on the star which is at the top left of each panel.

It is possible to play more than 6 numbers in each panel, choosing between 90 available, thus increasing the odds of winning, but this increases the cost of the coupon. It is important to respect the order of compilation of the panels (from top to bottom) so as not to risk invalidating the coupon.
Once the coupon has been filled out, you can check the outcome, is at an authorized sales point, is online. In particular, players have two different ways to check SuperEnalotto winnings online: you can check the latest extractions made on the Lottomatica website. By choosing this first way, by accessing the site, the last extraction performed appears immediately, highlighted in green, while you have the 13 previous draws below, sorted from least to newest.

As an alternative to the site, players can use the SuperEnalotto App, available for iOS and Android. It is possible to check the outcome of your ticket, review the latest extractions made and play a ticket directly through the application: simply select the item "Create coupon" to choose your favorite numbers, or activate the "Shake" by shaking the phone to define them randomly. To play directly from the App, however, it is necessary to have a gaming account. Bets can be validated directly online through the App, that you send to a store: for this operation you can select the "Gaming in the betting shop" option.

How to win at SuperEnalotto SuperStar

The advantage of the SuperEnalotto SuperStar game is certainly that it offers the possibility of trying to win more prizes. Score prizes can be awarded if the player has only guessed the SuperStar number, or the latter in combination with one or two main SuperEnalotto numbers.

But if he guessed right, in addition to the SuperStar number, 3, 4 or 5 traditional game numbers, the player has a chance to win larger amounts.
The categories of scoring prizes are divided as follows:

  • 5 Stella: five points matched at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 4 Stella: four points guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 3 Stella: three points matched SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 2 Stella: two points guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 1 Stella: one point guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number;
  • 0 Stella: zero points guessed at SuperEnalotto plus the SuperStar number.

In addition to the scoring prizes, the game allows you to receive the SuperBonus: a prize of 2 millions of euros in case i 6 SuperEnalotto numbers, the Jolly number and the SuperStar number; the premium equal to 1 million euros, if the numbers chosen correspond to 5 SuperEnalotto numbers, the Jolly and the SuperStar number. In the event that multiple players have won the same prize, the sum will be divided equally among the winners.

The SuperEnalotto regulation also takes into account the eventuality, unlikely, that the number of people who guessed the SuperStar number is so high that it exceeds the available funds. Should this scenario occur, the amount of the prizes will have to be recalculated.

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