Happy and unlucky numbers in China

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7 Seven, QĪ- Happy / Unhappy

Like 5, 7 has both positive, and negative values ​​in Chinese culture. For the positive side, 七 sounds like 起 (qǐ), which means "start" or "rise", and also 气 (qì), what does "life energy" mean. 7 is also a lucky number in a relationship. Cixi Holiday (Valentine's Day in China), falls on the seventh day, seventh month of the lunar calendar. The seventh month is also nicknamed the "ghost month" in China, Where, it is believed, ghosts and spirits rise from hell, to visit earth. Although ghosts can be seen as omens, the 7th month ghost festival is widely celebrated. 7 can also be considered unlucky, because 七 sounds like 欺, what does "cheat" mean.

Car number

A license plate on a car should only consist of numbers with positive energy. This will help to avoid any trouble for the driver.: Road accident, car breakdown. Number plate must not be allowed 4, because it attracts all the negative to the car and its owner. It will be possible to weaken the adverse influence of the four in that case, if you place it between the lucky numbers. It is impossible, to have a deuce in front of the four, since the latter will strengthen the negative influence of the neighboring number.

As for the number "zero", then it has no meaning in feng shui, therefore may be present in license plates.

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