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Numeral 8

Lucky numbers and colorsEight eights decoration

Is the happiest and most favorable number among all the others.. Hieroglyph, which denotes an eight, completely identical with that, which means the verb "get rich". If you turn it horizontally, then it will turn into an infinity sign. From this, the Chinese concluded, what contributes to the ever-growing wealth. Brings prosperity and harmony.

Eight was often found in Chinese religion and philosophy. She was enlightened in verse, painting and even ancient Chinese architecture. In mythology, eg, there is a legend about 8 winds, which are of divine origin. Numeral 8 is sacred. In Buddhism, for, to reach Nirvana, a person must first overcome the Noble Eightfold Path. As you progress, the believer must gradually give up all worldly desires. Another interesting point is the wheel of Dharma, which is a symbol of liberation from continuous reincarnation (reborn) in Sansara, depicted with eight spokes.

Lucky numbers and colorsLucky numbers of China: 8

The Chinese use the figure eight everywhere. More often and more, all the better. They are paired with other lucky numbers.. for example, honorary number 888 means multiple attraction of wealth and benefits, and the hieroglyphs of the number 168 translated as "the path of prosperity".

Chinese marketers actively use numerology. To attract customers, they use the eight in the names of their companies and stores., either in phone numbers.

For, to fully understand how strongly the number affects the consciousness of people, It should be noted, that the beginning of the Beijing Olympics took place 08.08.2008 r in 8 hours 8 minutes 8 seconds. And phone numbers in China start with 86.

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