The biggest lottery win in the world

The biggest lottery wins

The biggest jackpots

Lottery - an easy chance to win money, because to play it is enough to buy a ticket and be lucky. The biggest lottery win so far is 390 million dollars, ripped off by a US resident in 2007, playing the Mega Millions lottery. Later 4 of the year there were two super winners in the same lottery, who were also residents of the United States and shared between themselves 380 million dollars.

The Powerball lottery was also the organizer of a major draw, during which the lucky one was found. It turned out to be an ordinary retiree from South Carolina, which in 2009 spent a few dollars to buy a lottery ticket and won 260 million dollars. Also, this American company had other big winnings - 211 and 212 million dollars. In principle, old age is guaranteed, is not it?

The famous European company "EuroMillions" raffled off a super prize, the owner of which received 130 million pounds sterling in October 2010, and a year earlier the Spaniard received 126 million euros, by participating in a similar lottery.

The winners of the "Super Enalotto" lottery are no less famous, who received the two largest winnings in 2009 year. In the spring, a resident of Spain hit the jackpot in 123 million euros, and six months later, her record was broken by an ordinary villager from Italy, who received a prize of 148 million euros.

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