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Number four: bad number, symbolizing death

In Chinese culture, almost all numbers are considered auspicious., except for four. There are many reasons, to represent numbers as lucky or unlucky, In the case of number four, everything is explained quite simply.: the name of the number itself is consonant with the Chinese word, denoting death. Therefore, it is considered, that the number four has the same energy and properties.

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If you live in house number 4 or your family consists of four people, then the practice of feng shui advises to draw a circle around the house number, so that the number transforms in a circle.

Number 191

Despite, that the connection between numbers and natural disasters seems far-fetched to many, similar relationships, at times, are really creepy. So, five different aircraft with flight number have crashed since the 1960s 191. IN 1967 experimental aircraft X-15, next flight 191, crashed. The pilot died. What is remarkable, not a single crash happened with this aircraft model. IN 1972 year flight 191 crashed at Mercedita airport in Puerto Rico. IN 1979 year flight 191 American Airlines Flight crashes at Chicago O'Hare Airport. Killed 273 human. IN 1985 year flight 191 Delta Airlines Flight Crashes at Dallas Airport. Killed 137 person. IN 2012 in Texas made an emergency landing flight 191 by JetBlue Airways. The pilot of this plane suddenly began to behave inappropriately, until the passengers tied it.

Delta Airlines Flight and American Airlines do not use the number in their flight numbers today 191.

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