The most winning lottery in russia. how to win the lottery

Which lottery stoloto are more fortunate for the player?

The most winning lottery in Russia: look at the number of prize categories

There is such a variety of organizations now, involved in lottery draws, that an ordinary man in the street can simply scatter eyes. Therefore man, first decided to take part in the draw, immediately begins to ask his friends, Has anyone already played and what was the biggest win. Variety of choice of organizations, holding draws, shouldn't bother. In fact, the most winning lottery in Russia is that, which provides as many prize categories as possible.

In addition to the jackpot, the leading organizers provide a considerable number of additional rewards, how big, and very small. People, frequent buyers of lottery tickets, at least regularly justify the investment. This fact contributes to an increase in the number of players and their constant interest in the drawings..

Where to spend the won money?

Most of the winners from the participants of any lottery in Russia, whose reviews were published in the press after a while, talk about the need to share with people in need. The winners tell, that they perceive the win as a smile of fortune, no more, that this money is easy, and you don't need to dwell on them.

There were cases, when people donated their entire winnings to a charity. Is considered, that helping orphans or seriously ill people is the sacred purpose of every wealthy person. Sure, many of the lucky winners plan ahead, how exactly they use their winnings. They keep the part they need, to realize the long-awaited dream, and the rest of the winnings are donated to charity.

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