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Russian, who wins the lottery, shared secrets: that's what to do, to be lucky too

Nadezhda Bartosh is a billionaire: scam or lucky chance

In early January, "Stoloto" sent out press releases to the media. The company reported: record jackpot hit in the anniversary New Year's drawing "Russian Lotto" - ₽ 1 billion.

The news spread quickly and became highly discussed.. Many people were touched by the story of buying a lucky ticket. His 13 December 2019 years were bought for the entrepreneur Nadezhda Bartosh. It was a New Year's gift from her children..

The woman only found out about the win 3 january. On that day, her daughter decided to check the result of the lottery. For a long time she could not believe her eyes: checked the numbers several times, and later asked her mother and brother to do the same. It turns out, for the New Year, Nadezhda was presented with more than a dozen tickets. But the one who won, what did the children buy.

9 January Bartosz and his family visited the Stoloto Center, to register a win. She said: intends to continue to engage in family business. And with the money won, he plans to buy jewelry for memory.

The story of Nadezhda Bartosz: setup or not

The entrepreneur was described as a modest woman from the Moscow region. In pictures on social networks, she poses with a small bouquet against the background of apartments devoid of luxury. But the journalists began to dig.

It turned out, the newly minted billionaire is by no means poor. She is listed as the founder of the Tsarsky Sturgeon trading house. He has exclusive rights to supply sturgeon caviar from Saudi Arabia to Russia, produced by Caviar Court Food Processing.

Son Bartosz does not live in poverty either. He is the owner of the Shostka fish farm located near Tver.

Nadezhda Bartosh: cheating with 6 actors

Telegram channel "MediaKiller" suspected the newly made billionaire in collusion with "Stoloto". The main distributor of lotteries in Russia and the owner of the largest jackpot in the history of the country are united 4 human:

  • Sergey Karaoglanov.
  • Vladimir Karaoglanov.
  • Joseph Ordzhonikidze.
  • Eka Sargsyan.

Sergey Alekseevich Karaoglanov - Former Director General of the Tsarsky Sturgeon Trade House. After leaving office, he began to build a career in the field of military construction.. Sergei Alekseevich has a brother - Vladimir Georgievich Karaoglanov. They established SKV International LLC. The main activity of the company is the construction of residential and non-residential buildings.

Vladimir Karaoglanov is one of the largest Moscow developers. is he:

  • Holds the position of CEO of CJSC Stroyservice.
  • Member of the board of CJSC "Mospromstroy". It was this organization that built hotels throughout Moscow during the reign of Luzhkov.

Here Iosif Nikolaevich Ordzhonikidze enters the stage. He also worked with Luzhkov: was its vice-mayor. This person was in charge of foreign economic and investment activities, as well as the capital gambling business. It was he who came up with the idea of ​​building "Moscow City".

Joseph Ordzhonikidze has a daughter Eka. And that one has a husband Armen Sargsyan, which owns "Stoloto".

According to "MediaKiller", chain, consisting of Sergey and Vladimir Karaoglanov, Iosif Ordzhonikidze and Eki Sargsyan, - indisputable proof that, that Nadezhda Bartosh is a figurehead and ₽ 1 billion she got for a reason. Other facts, confirming collusion, no, there is a provocative photo on the internet:

No cheating

In his telegram channel, the head of the Center for the Development of Regional Policy Ilya Grashchenkov answered the accusations. He called the investigation of "MediaKiller" stuffing, based on information from Google, collected for 5 minutes. And also stated: Sargsyan has no need to take risks and break the law, because his company has a multi-billion dollar turnover.

According to Grashchenkov, ₽ 1 billion is a small amount. "Stoloto" pays out winnings of RUB 1-2 billion every month. Because it conducts 27 different lotteries.

Views of the parties

Some call that, that Nadezhda Bartosz won a billion, money laundering. Others - a powerful marketing company. Likely, closer to the truth the last. After the Russians learned about the win, ticket sales, which were already in demand, rose sharply.

The issue of lottery transparency was raised. The "chair":

  • did not provide convincing evidence, that Nadezhda Bartosz's billion is not a setup;
  • did not refute the conspiracy charges.

This is problem. Now we can only guess, is that true, what random people win, or every lucky person is associated with the organizers.

Comments on YouTube:

Why do people think, that Russian lotteries are a scam

Some Russians are convinced: they are carried out unfairly. They are organized by the only company - "Stoloto". And monopoly is always bad.

They, who are poorly versed in the issue, multiply the ticket price by the total number of participants in the draw. It turns out, played out only 50 % the amount at stake. The organizers are called scammers. Although such a prize fund is not against the law.

Others are surprised that, how often the jackpot is hit when the odds are very low, what will it happen. for example, for 10 of the Russian Lotto draws, the six-figure prize was taken three times. And the probability of winning was one in several billion. Because of this, the organizers were accused of, that they film the draws in advance and give out winning tickets to their people.

There are lottery advocates on the web. Basically, they argue their point of view like this: by law, the organizer can take more for himself 40 % all proceeds from sales of money. Why would he steal something else and risk a multibillion dollar business? In response, opponents of the monopolist's lotteries declare: if someone has the ability to embezzle money, he will definitely use it.

SMARTGUIDE comment: although such suspicions have no clear evidence, they cannot be called groundless. We already said: the lottery business is not transparent. There is no information about, who and how checks lotteries for fairness. If it is done carelessly, high probability of rigging results.

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