The most win-win lottery in russia

The most famous Russian lotteries: reviews and review

«The slogan 6 of 45 "

More raffled in Gosloto "6 out of 45" 10,4 RUB bln.

One of the most profitable lotteries is considered to be "6 out of 45". Players choose her, who dream of winning a large sum. The minimum bet here is 100 rubles, for which you can choose six numbers. The ticket contains 6 playing fields, therefore, you can fill in each of them. This increases the chances of winning.. If you wish, you can fill out the ticket in this way, so that he took part in several draws.

To get a small win, it is enough, to match at least two numbers of one playing field. The more numbers you guess, the bigger the win. The jackpot is due to that participant, which matched six numbers in one field. The main prize here can be hundreds of millions of rubles. The biggest win was over 358 million rubles. To date, this amount is a record win in Russian lotteries.. The minimum jackpot is 50 million rubles. Prizes in this lottery are drawn twice a week. You can follow him on the official website of this lottery operator.

«The slogan 5 of 36 "

Gosloto "5 out of 36" - Play every day!

The second position of the best Russian lotteries is held by the game "5 out of 36". Like the first lottery, there are six playing fields. However, in this game you need to cross out 5 numbers in each field. The minimum bet here is 60 rubles. The participant has the opportunity to cross out in each field up to 12 numbers. Increasing the crossed out numbers increases the chances of winning. A participant can also use one ticket to play in several draws.

Guessing only two numbers, the player receives a prize in 60 rubles. As the number of matches increases, so does the winning amount. The main prize goes to that player, whose ticket coincided 5 numbers of one row in the playing field. The jackpot may vary from draw to draw. Its amount can range from one to several tens of millions of rubles. Highest jackpot to date, who was won in this lottery, is almost 47 million rubles

This lottery draws the attention of players, that she holds draws five times a day. Ticket sales cease twenty minutes before the start of the draw

"Russian Lotto"

Russian Lotto pleases its fans not only with large sums

Need to say, that this lottery is preferred by people of different ages. The first draw took place back in 1994 year. Since then, the lottery has only gained its popularity.. For many, Russian Lotto is a pleasant memory from childhood.. It was then that the whole family gathered the players near the TV, to keep track of the dropped numbers. The prize went to that player, who crosses out the numbers on their card before everyone else. For more than twenty years, the lottery has been pleasing its fans not only with large sums, but also country houses, apartments, travel and cars.

Attracts the lottery and fairly simple rules of the game. After purchasing a ticket, it is enough to turn on the NTV channel at a certain time. If you believe in luck, she will definitely smile at you sometime. When buying a ticket, you have the opportunity to independently choose a game card.

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