Check out super lotto lottery

Super lottery lottery (Belarus): check tickets, results of draws

Popular Russian lotteries

People's lottery "Russian Lotto" is familiar to many players since childhood. Draws are held every Sunday as part of the "Happy Morning" show together with "Golden Horseshoe", football lottery 6 of 36, GŽL.

Check out super lotto lottery

Win apartments, country houses and millions of rubles in the Housing Lottery. Participation in the drawing will cost you 100 rubles.

On the site you can get information about Lotto Zabava lotteries (bingo), Megalot and Sport forecast from the operator MSL; Superlotto from "Ukrainian National Lottery" (UNL). Fastest draw results and latest promotions. Here you will find the rules of the game, drawn numbers, information on jackpots and statistics of balls falling. You just have to buy a ticket and test your luck. Follow the news and take an active part in discussions.

You have already played Type Top lottery? Draws are held daily, afternoon and evening. For 2 hryvnia in "TYPE" can be won 200 000 hryvnia, and for 5 in the "TOP" – 500 000 hryvnia. Results are updated every day at 16:30 and 21:10. Don't miss your chance to hit the jackpot.

Popular Ukrainian lotteries

Don't miss the chance to win a million very simply - for this, the ticket now has two preferential slots in each playing field, and this is in addition to Jackpot! Besides, there is a new game "TYPE TOP", which in just 2 and 5 hryvnia can make you richer by 200 000 and 500 000 hryvnia! Check Lotto Zabava results online.

The Megalot lottery is rapidly gaining popularity in Ukraine due to its favorable ratio “probability – size of win”. You will also be pleased with a large amount of jackpot. For Sportloto lovers (6 of 42). The results of the last draw – Megalot results from MSL for 2018 other.

Read success stories and about, how to win big money in the lottery, on the pages of the portal "Lothoazart".

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