Vote at home, play the lottery and wash your hands after the procedure: how to ensure the vote on the constitution?

Stoloto bonus program


A resident of Simferopol Vasily buys lottery tickets every week, and not one or two, and for several thousand rubles at once.

– I have my own method of calculating combinations, and until she lets me down, – he says. – Most often, winnings are small – to 1-2 thousand rubles, but there are also large, so at the end of the month I do not stay in a loser.

Tote at children's competitions was proposed to be banned
President signed a law to change the rules for paying out lottery winnings

There are enough such gamblers in Crimea. According to the Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016 year (information for the last year will be known only in the middle of 2018), total income of Crimeans, winners in bookmakers and sweepstakes, exceeded 200 million rubles. The lucky ones turned out to be about 9 thousands of people, and the average payout reaches 24 thousand rubles for each. The largest winnings – more 200 thousand.

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