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American Powerball lottery has simple and straightforward rules. They are also her advantage over competitors - players prefer rallies, which you do not need to understand 30-40 minutes.

Powerball requires two lottery drums. The first is 69 balls white, in the second - 26 red. They are numbered: white - from 1 to 69, red - from 1 to 26.

The number of balls corresponds to the number of cells in the playing fields of the Powerball ticket. It is divided into two parts, in the first - 69 cells, in the second - 26. The player must choose 5 numbers in the first field and 1 in the second. After that, you can take a TV program for a week and watch, when will the next draw.

Leading, who tells during the lottery, how to play Powerball, pulls out one by one 5 white balls and one red. Their numbers are fixed. Players, who managed to guess the number of at least one ball, get a win. The more balls are named correctly, the more the reward.

note, that only adults can participate in Powerball. Depending on the state of the United States, the age of majority is either 18, or 21 year

How it all began.

The USA Powerball lottery was originally called America Lotto, however, after just a few years, after its foundation, the lottery got the name by which it is known today. The USA Powerball was initiated by the American MUSL Association., which not only developed the rules of the lottery game, but also continued to improve them over the following years. So, eg, just four years after the creation of the lottery, a new option appeared in it called "powerplay", thanks to which all winnings (excluding jackpots) could be increased several times. This option is valid to this day..

From the very beginning, the lottery organizers assumed, that it will be possible to buy tickets not for her only in those states, where the Mega Millions lottery was not held, which at that time was the largest in the United States and covered 21 state. A little bit later, representations of both lotteries were able to conclude an agreement that, that lottery tickets are like USA Powerball, so on Mega Millions can be sold without hindrance in all 44 states. All the money, received through the USA Powerball lottery, go directly to the budgets of the participating states, each of which independently decides, what to spend this money on. Practice shows, that in most cases, proceeds, received from lotteries, is aimed at the development and maintenance of state educational programs.

Today, Powerball lottery tickets can be bought in almost all states with the exception of Alabama., Alaska, Wyoming, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, South Carolina, Dakota and California.

Recently, namely 15 january 2012 of the year, the lottery celebrated its 20th birthday, in honor of which the possible sizes of prizes were noticeably increased, as well as the probability of getting a winning combination. A similar result was achieved due to the fact, what did not play the lottery now 39 rooms, as it was before, and 35, making it much easier to guess the winning combination. Simultaneously with the exclusion from the lottery of four game numbers, the sizes of the original jackpots were also revised (now they are twice as large) and ticket prices. The Power Play option has been replaced by a fixed odds, which increases the promotion prize to $2 million, and all other winnings in 4 times. More recently, the coefficient “powerplay” was revised again, as a result of which there has been a noticeable increase in the winnings on the secondary prizes.

The last state, who joined the rest of the Powerball lottery, became California, and it happened in November 2012 of the year. The very first Powerball draw was drawn in California in April 2013 of the year. One of the main features of the lottery in the "Golden State" is that, that the "powerplay" option does not work here, however, at the same time, participants have the opportunity to win an almost unlimited amount of money, and the amount of prizes here directly depends on the number of lottery tickets sold.

Is it realistic to win?

The Powerball site has several stories from lottery winners.

  • 10 Martha 2018 of the year, the Loto Ladies syndicate managed to guess 5 white balls and got 1 million dollars. Since the union included 12 women, each winner received a prize of 83 333,33 US dollars.
  • 17 Martha 2018, just one week after the success of Loto Ladies, Pennsylvania resident managed to pick up the Powerball Jackpot. He guessed everything correctly 6 numbers and got a prize of 456,7 million dollars. true, after deducting taxes, a little less of this amount remains 274 million.

There are other prizes in the Powerball lottery. The probabilities of correctly guessing various combinations and picking them up are in the table below:

Number and type of matched balls Probability
1 red ball 1:38,32
1 white + 1 red ball 1:91,98
2 white + 1 red ball 1:701,33
3 white balls 1:579,76
3 white + 1 red ball 1:14494
4 white balls 1:36525
4 white + 1 red ball 1:913129
5 white balls 1:11688053
5 white + 1 red ball 1:11688054

How to collect your winnings?

Powerball winners can use their money in two ways:

  • pick up everything at once
  • receive funds gradually over 30 years old.

If the player takes everything at once, then he may lose a significant part of the winnings due to high tax rates (in some states, they reach 70-90% at once). But they don't work, if remuneration is paid in installments. Therefore, many winners do not collect the entire amount at once., but prefer to receive money gradually.

Powerball story

The first Powerball draw took place in 1988 year. Then the lottery was also called "American Lotto". It became popular from the very first draw - the draws were broadcast on television, and the jackpot has become one of the largest of all American draws.

Powerball jumped in popularity in 2001 year. The organizers decided to constantly accumulate the jackpot and carried out a powerful advertising campaign throughout America. As a result, millions of people from 44 states of the country.

Interesting, what with 1988 by 2009 years Powerball tickets were only sold in 23 states of the United States. Lottery organizers didn't want to compete with Mega Millions - America's other popular lottery. But in 2009 rivalry is over, and today you can buy Powerball tickets at 44 states of America.

Best Australian Lotteries

Below is a list of the most popular lotteries in Australia.

#1. My & Wed Lotto

Monday and Wednesday Lotto is drawn on Monday and Wednesday. Broadcasts will start in 12:30 by MSC.

It should be noted on the ticket 6 numbers from 1 to 45. Get out of the lottery drum 6 main balls and 2 additional.

Win 6 combinations:

  • 6 - Jackpot
  • 5+1
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3+1 or 3+2
  • 1+2 or 2+2

#2. Saturday Lotto

This lottery is similar in number of balls and prize categories to Mon & Day Lotto. The main difference is the size of the jackpot.

This is where it starts 4 million Australian dollars. If nobody wins the jackpot, it increases and goes on to the next edition. But for Saturday Lotto, such a situation is rare.. The last time the jackpot remained unplayed was 2016 year.

The lottery became famous for its festive draws, in which the jackpot reaches 20-30 million Australian dollars. Super games are usually timed to coincide with the New Year holidays, lottery anniversaries and other significant events.

#3. Oz Lotto

The probability of winning a prize here is 1 to 55. The lottery is held on a 7 out of 45 basis with additional numbers. It should be noted on the ticket 7 numbers from 1 to 45. During the broadcast, they take out from the lottery drum 9 balls: 7 major and 2 additional. In Oz Lotto, all winnings depend on the number of tickets sold and the number of winners. Each category has its own prize pool, which the winners share equally.

Winning combinations and approximate prizes:

  • 7 - Jackpot
  • 6+1 — A$35 000
  • 6 — A$4 500
  • 5+1 or 5+2 — A$400
  • 5 — A$50
  • 4 — A$25
  • 3+1 or 3+2 — A$15

Minimum Lottery Jackpot - A $ 2M. If in the current drawing the main prize is not drawn, it goes to the next edition with an increased amount.

The record jackpot was divided among themselves in 2012 year 4 winner. The total winnings then amounted to almost A $ 112 million. IN 2009 A $ 106.5 million jackpot was drawn.

#4. Powerball Australia

The game originated as an analogue of the American Powerball. The rules have changed over time and adapted to the inhabitants of Australia, therefore, only the name remained in common among the games.

The player chooses 7 numbers from 1 to 35 and the Powerball bonus number from 1 to 20.

Prize categories and estimated winnings:

  • 7+PB - Jackpot
  • 7 — A$100 000
  • 6+PB — A$4 000
  • 6 — A$450
  • 5+PB — A$160
  • 5 — A$40
  • 4+PB — A$75
  • 3+PB — A$20
  • 2+PB — A$10


Some people think, that the lottery is a good way to make easy money. but, need to understand, what before, than win a large sum, a person needs to spend, least, for one lottery ticket. And still it does not guarantee that, that fortune will smile at him. therefore, consider the lottery, as a way to make money is stupid, even the world-famous Powerball lottery.

Powerball is an opportunity to try your luck and become a real millionaire. The rules of the game are very simple. Participants just need to guess a few numbers. Total 6 numbers separates a person from a real jackpot. But, even if the player guesses fewer numbers, he still gets a prize. This is the main advantage of the lottery.

The peculiarity of the game is, which does not matter which country you are in. Anyone anywhere in the world can buy a ticket for the popular American Powerball lottery and become a real millionaire

You don't need to make any effort.. The most important thing is to find a middleman, which will bring you good luck, and buy a Powerball lucky ticket.

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