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Euromillions – Euromillions

Sure, we'll start with EuroMillions (Euromillions). Probably, all number lottery lovers have heard of this European lottery. The lottery has existed since 1994 of the year. The following countries are currently participating: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, France and Switzerland. Because of this, the jackpot can reach very significant amounts.. Read more about the biggest wins in euromillions, as well as other lotteries you can read in the article big wins.

The draw is held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 Greenwich (12 nights Moscow time). Ticket sales stop an hour and a half before the draw. The drawing is held according to the formula 5 of 50 + 2 of 11. The cost of one ticket is 2 euros. EuroMillions circulations are broadcast live, respectively, every Tuesday and Friday at 22:30 Greenwich, on the channel "BBC1".

More about this lottery, chances, the distribution of prizes and the results of the draws can be found in the euromillions article.

According to the rules, euromillions can be played either by citizens of the above countries participating in the lottery, either face, located in them and accordingly bought tickets there. If you want to play, being in Russia or in the countries of the former USSR, you can use the services of intermediaries. Overview of similar organizations, and the answer to the main question - can they be trusted is given here – Internet lotteries. Same, according to the law of most countries, to participate in the lottery, need to be older 18 years old (In Great Britain – 16).

A special separate Raffle draw for UK citizens only (millionaire circulation), in which one million pounds sterling is played. There is a similar option for Irish citizens.

Power Play

Power Play is a special feature of the Powerball lottery game, which allows you to increase your winnings several times. The option is valid at all prize levels, except for the main prize. If you win the jackpot, then your Power Play feature does not apply to it.

How to pay for a Powerball lottery ticket from Russia?

On intermediary sites, the payment tab contains a list of available top-ups or money transfer services. There is no single general list for paying for tickets, but the most commonly used ones we will indicate.

Payment for ticket by credit card:

  • Visa (Visa);
  • MasterCard (MasterCard);
  • Entropay.

In addition to a credit card, a player can use a bank transfer to pay for a Powerball lottery ticket from Russia. This payment method assumes a certain period of waiting for funds to be credited to the account, therefore it is not so popular, like a bank card. Most intermediaries in the list of payment options indicate bank transfers.

In addition to transfers and cards, Powerball participants can use an e-wallet or prepayment system.

Where to buy a Powerball lottery ticket?

List of verified intermediary sites:

  • Wintrillions.com;
  • PlayHugeLottos;
  • TheLotter (Sharplotto);
  • Lottolucker;
  • Lotto Agent;
  • EestiLoto;
  • Jackpot.com;
  • Lottoland;
  • Tipp24.

Prizes and the likelihood of winning them

And the prizes in Mega Millions can be huge - much more, than in any European lottery. Record jackpot hit in March 2012 of the year, when he drew up 656 million dollars. Then the jackpot went to three lucky ones, each of whom preferred to receive money immediately in cash (by 158 million), rather than gradually through annual payments.

By the way, absolutely not surprising, that the full combination of numbers coincided immediately for three players after, how throughout many runs no one could guess all the numbers. This often happens even in large draw lotteries.. It means, that there was a series of rare combinations of numbers, no one made bets, and then a more or less uniform distribution of numbers fell out, which several players have crossed out at once.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account, that a big jackpot always attracts the attention of many people, each trying to get more tickets, to increase your chances of winning. Of course, with such a huge number of selectable combinations, sooner or later someone will hit the jackpot

And since the likelihood of someone winning the main prize from one draw to another only increases, not at all wise, that more than one person is lucky.

Well, now - some dry numbers, which will be useful to you, if you decide to take part in Mega Millions. So here, the probability of hitting the jackpot in this lottery is 1 to 175'711'536. Sure, this value does not inspire optimism, but don't forget, that in addition to the main prize, there are many side.

Odds of Winning a Cash Prize One Category Below, which equals 1 million dollars (guessing 5 main numbers without matching extra ball), already make up 1 to 3,9 million. In general, the probability of winning any prize is approximately 1 to 15. One can not but rejoice at the fact, what's the minimum prize ($2) awarded even for 1 guessed mega ball. For you to understand better, what is it about, we will tell you about the rules of this lottery.

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