Powerball lottery buy ticket

How to play the lottery?

Self-purchase of foreign lottery tickets for residents of the Russian Federation is not an easy task. If you can even buy a ticket, taking a prize without additional costs will not work.

Lottery dealer Lotto Agent solves the problem. He works with 2012 of the year, helping to purchase tickets for popular large lotteries. You instruct the service staff to purchase a ticket and receive its scan in your personal account. The dealer also notifies the results of the drawing.

In total 3 step you can buy a SuperStar ticket:

  1. Go to the SuperStar Lottery Page
  2. Enter the number of tickets, numbers and number of runs
  3. Enter promo code, if you have it, and pay for the purchase

Powerball number generator

Benefits: user-friendly interface, the ability to use from a mobile phone and PC, does not require payment, any number of numbers from the specified range are available without repetitions.

disadvantages: generation results are stored for three days, to extend this period, payment must be made - 300 rubles.

Number generator "Kastlot"

Benefits: the generator is part of a capacious service for generating phrases or numbers, the ability to select the operating mode of the generator, as a result, the client receives a unique link to the generated number series.

disadvantages: there is no possibility for the client to choose from the list.

Generator "Randomochislo.rf"

Benefits: can be used via PC or smartphone, you can select from a list or specify a range of values, it is possible to enable or disable repetition.

disadvantages: there are no links to the results of the generation, no widget, respectively, there is no way to connect it to your own site or community.

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