Popular lottery in russia

Top 5 Russian lotteries. how to check the lottery by number on the site?

How to choose the most winning lotteries?

This is influenced by several factors.:

Total Prize Pool. There is a direct relationship here - the higher the fund, the more chances of winning. Usually, the prize fund consists of some part of the funds, received from the sale of tickets. In most cases, this is 50% from profit. But now there are several organizations, in which the prize fund reaches 67%.

Ticket price

Rather, you need to focus on matching the value of the game check and the single winning fund. Today, you can choose that lottery, which offers a pretty big prize, but this does not affect the ticket price.

Jackpot value

You can get your own idea of ​​the game and the objective possibility of a super win, by looking at the past records of the game of interest. On lottery sites, usually, this information is freely available.

Desire to win. To do this, you need to understand, which win option suits more - often with small amounts, or rarely, but big. If you're attracted to simple lotteries, then you need to focus on those, draws in which are held several times a day. To buy a ticket, it is sometimes enough to have in your wallet 10 rubles. You can't hit a big jackpot, however, it is absolutely possible to increase the amount of investments.

Now let's get down to a detailed examination of lotteries in Russia, considered the most advantageous.

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