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How long does such a divorce last?

It is worth starting with, that under the brand name GOSLOTO or ROSLOTO scammers have been conducting their fraudulent activities for many years. They don't even change their logo or brand, just change the ending, of which there were many: "4 out of 20", “6 out of 45” and so on. Despite, that in reality the ROSLOTO / GOSLOTO organization exists and is broadcast on television, it has nothing to do with sending emails.

Scammers just hide behind a famous brand, to "breed" naive people, those who want easy money. And there are a lot of such people, and there are such, who pays their winnings by 5-6 time, thinking that the payment failed.

Scammers run their scams on different sites, eg: dyxkg9.xyz, quxife.xyz. They also provide fake information about their own organization on their website.. As an example:

  • The license to conduct the drawings was issued by JSC GOSLOTO +;
  • Office location at address r. Moscow, etc. Michurinsky d. 40, 2 floor;
  • Support service at [email protected];
  • and other data, which make a person think about the formality of this whole company.

Attention! The above data is not real! Usually, scammers create only one-page websites. All headings, which exist on them, just don't open

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