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My secret, how to win in Stoloto

As I have said, "Russian Lotto" is my favorite lottery. It recently hosted a festive edition. We were promised, what will remain 1 keg and will win two tickets out of three. And a billion rubles will be distributed to all the winners.. I bought without fanaticism 5 tickets. I always buy this amount, so as not to get upset, if none wins. In the end I won four! 600 with kopecks rubles in total. To tell, that I'm happy, it's nothing to say.

Is it possible to win at the Russian Lotto? I personally won! I even have small life hacks.

Firstly, you need to buy tickets not to win. Usually, when you think about making money, losing. I think, the universe is so punishing, pier, Go to work, do not hang in the clouds. So I buy tickets with fun in mind. And I never spend money, who can upset me. Generally, positive attitude is our everything.

Well, there are also secrets. I'm looking for a number on the ticket 13. Everybody says, that it is not happy, but I don't believe in it. I think, what people, avoiding him, repel luck. And still watching, to have a number 90. It is also happy for me.

And my mother chooses every third ticket from the pack. Or just asks the seller to choose her ticket at random. Is talking, if you win a million this way, will definitely thank the seller.

Sure, not every ticket I have is winning. But this is the meaning of the lottery: if there was no way to lose, emotions from victory would not be so bright. Generally, I have a positive experience of participating in lotteries, until I was disappointed and I plan to continue participating. I really want to win a billion for the New Year, and who does not want?! By the way, and you will buy Russian Lotto tickets for the New Year's edition? May be, already planned, how will you spend your winnings? It will be interesting for me to read, who has any thoughts on this matter.

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