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The richest in record winnings was 2016 year. This year, three lucky ones managed to hit the jackpot. 15 October, an indigenous resident of a unique place, Land of Baden-Württemberg received the highest lotto ever (for 6 years since 2012 by 2018 of the year) amount - 90 000 000 euros.

The public did not have time to forget their hero, as 29 July a resident of Germany from Hesse received 84 800 000 euros. And later 4 months, in March, a native of North Rhine-Westphalia became the richest inhabitant of his town, having received 76 800 000 euros. As practice has shown, it is not necessary to live in the capital, to become a millionaire.

Eurojackpot lottery reviews

In March 2019 Eurojackpot celebrates its seventh birthday. She has gained an impressive number of permanent players from Europe and around the world. The army of fans of this entertainment expresses extremely positive feedback about Eurojackpot (you can read them on the website or third-party sites, forums). This is clear, because everyone has the opportunity to win prizes from 8 euros, buying a ticket for 2.

Eurojackpot lottery reviews


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