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Video 1346 of the Russian Lotto draw for 26.07.2020

26 July lottery company Stoloto will hold a drawing 1346 lottery draw “Russian lotto”, in which to decide at least 15 winners, who will win big cash prizes, and some of them will get sole possession of a brand new foreign car.

In the last round, in which the drawing of foreign cars will end, if there are more winners in it, than the remaining prizes, then their total cost will be divided equally among the winners of this round.

The very same rally will end on move 87, which will win every 3rd ticket. Three kegs will remain in the bag, also 26.07.2020 you had another attempt to win the guaranteed amount of the Russian Lotto Jackpot in the amount of 800 million rubles!

Check tickets 1346 of the Russian Lotto draw and you can get acquainted with the official results 26.07.2020 from 2:30 nights Moscow time

Attention, to 10:20, 26.07.2020 by Moscow time will be given the opportunity to check tickets by numbers, circulation table or video. After 10:20 Moscow time it will be possible to check the ticket 1346 Russian lotto draw by ticket number

Win one of the largest cash prizes, including car, you can become the winner of the first rounds.

The received amount can be used as an initial payment for obtaining an auto loan for a medium or premium car, as well as for obtaining a mortgage. for example, you can get a car loan or mortgage at Sberbank, at VTB Bank, Opening or any other large and reliable Russian bank.

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