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Golden Key

Lottery “Golden Key” – operator ZAO “Interlot

Held since December 1997 of the year. The broadcast is aired on NTV on Saturdays at 08:15/08:20.

Classic lotto, involving 90 balls, of which play from 85 to 87 balls. Usually the draw consists of three rounds.

When, when the horizontal line is crossed out on the 5th move, the jackpot falls. Cash prizes and apartments are raffled.

Tickets are purchased either through distributors, or on the site

They also run lesser-known lotteries. “Trump card”, “Russian troika” and "Luck Code".

Read more about these lotteries in the article golden key.

Railroad lottery

It is carried out by subsidiaries of Russian Railways. According to the old Soviet tradition, tickets are distributed on a voluntary-compulsory basis - cashiers and conductors try to stick them out at railway ticket offices.

The lottery is held on thirty-digit railway ticket numbers. For, so that a ticket from the railway became also a lottery, you need to pay one hundred rubles. If everyone 13 digits matched, then the jackpot is won. There are also lower categories - when the last numbers coincided - from two to five.

In May 2012 of the year a resident of the Stavropol Territory won 11 521 201 ruble.

In custody, we want to note the following: as seen from the above data, on the draw lottery market in Russia (which the, by the way, according to expert estimates is about 10 billion rubles), presented 20 lotteries of varying degrees of popularity. About half of lotteries are held on the basis of lotto or bingo, ie. the winning depends on the order of the balls, the other half is the classic lottery scheme, where you just need to guess from two or more numbers. There is practically no difference between "state" and non-state lotteries. All lotteries are required to transfer to the prize fund at least 50% from proceeds. Unfortunately, the state does not particularly control the fairness of the circulation.

In theory, these functions are within the competence of the Federal Tax Service. It is she who issues licenses, and must control the working conditions of lotteries. In practice, this does not happen.. This is evidenced by at least the fact, what for June 2011 over a thousand lottery licenses were issued, and sometimes they were often issued to one-day firms. Anyway, the FTS has big problems with its main function - tax collection, she has no time for lotteries. Law enforcement agencies don't do this job either., because they need a crime statement to react. Well, who in their right mind would apply – "I AM, pier, did not win the lottery ". If the lottery belongs to the "state", then only receipts from lotteries to the budget are controlled. Basically, The Accounts Chamber. Thus, the honesty of the lottery in Russia is not controlled by anyone. And there are many methods of manipulating the results.. Well, even if you do not take into account such clumsy, which the state lot applies (cm. article gosloto deception). Firstly, modern technologies make it possible to make such a lottery drum, which will give out the right balls in the right order, even if the draw takes place with a large number of spectators and live. Secondly, there is another very simple way: eg, suppose, that the jackpot has reached a certain - a fairly large amount. Then everything is simple, after the draw, if the jackpot has not fallen to anyone again, the organizer retroactively enters the winning ticket into the system, and, thus, takes the jackpot to himself. We're pretty sure, that such "tricks" are carried out by the majority of lottery operators.

Generally, personally, the author of the article is not inclined to play Russian lotteries, considering them a priori dishonest and not inspiring confidence.

The slogan

so, the first number is a fairly hyped state lot.

Update: FROM 4 january 2013 of the year as a lottery operator, previously held state sponsorship became CJSC "State Sports Lotteries". Lotteries are held in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 687-r from 2 May 2012 of the year. Previously, this organization was called CJSC "Nero". Its founder, in turn, is another legal entity. The true owners are not known as usual.

The following types of lotteries are presented: the slogan 5 of 36, the slogan 6 of 45, lotto 7 of 49 and plays Rapido.

The drawing of the all-Russian state lottery "VGL 1 Sports » (this is the official name of the lottery 5 of 36) held every day in 23:59. All-Russian state lottery "VGL 1 Sports » (and this is accordingly 6 of 45) also since November 2013 the year has become held daily in 22:00. Lotto draws 7 of 49 drawn every Sunday at 10 evenings. Rapido draws are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 20 hours.

State lotto tickets can be purchased both through a network of distributors, and through the above site.

The largest lottery win in Russia – 100 million rubles – was registered in the state lot under the scheme 6 of 45. Read about the most significant lottery jackpots in the article largest lottery winnings.

By law, in all these lotteries, the prize fund must be 50% from proceeds, however, is it really so, hard to say.

For more information, see the state lotto article.

We question the honesty of the state lot. See the article by the state lot for more information on this structure., history of its formation, as well as alleged manipulations with the results of the runs. Same, additional information is in the section of state lottery deception.

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