National American Lottery

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Rules and order of drawing

Minimum winnings for this lotto 5 million dollars (we are talking about the jackpot). In addition to the basic lottery draw, there are two additional, in which super prizes participate (one million dollars each and 500 000 dollars). Consider further, how the lottery is conducted and what prizes can be won.

The first page in history dates from 12 june 1982 of the year. The lottery began to be held throughout Canada by various companies.

  • organizers in Britain were British Columbia Loto Corporation $
  • in Ontario - Ontario Lottery;
  • in Quebec - Loto-Québec;
  • in Western Canada it is Western Canada Lotto Corporation;
  • on the territory of the Arctic islands of Canada Atlantic lottery Corporation.

IN 2013 year the rules have changed. The organizers thought it was a good idea to introduce an additional draw, namely a million dollar lottery prize in each round. Each player is guaranteed a prize draw of 1 000 000 dollars. To obtain it, you need to buy tickets and verify the ten-digit code. If it matches the code, which the host named - the ticket will win.

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