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Why people choose scammers?

If you monitor the vastness of the Internet, then find information about, that TheLotter is scammers, complicated. Most of the articles and reviews vice versa, encourage people to play with the mediator. Why is it so? Likely, the reason for the good reviews is, that the players received the winnings. Yes, he was so insignificant, that the company is better to give these pennies, than hurt yourself. Thus, users, receiving a prize, rejoice, write reviews about, that this is a cool site and encourage everyone to play with TheLotter. But as soon as they start playing for high stakes, then they will fail. You will not withdraw a large amount of money. And you have to believe it. Above we have given the reviews of those, who already faced this problem. If you play for small amounts, then he can collect his first million in this way.

As they say on many sites, trying to justify scammers, there are three criteria, by which we can conclude, that the resource is not a "scam":

  • Duration of work. If the site cheats on its users, it will not last long on the market. The maximum will work 2-3 of the year. Where does this information come from?, not known. But this very much justifies the intermediary TheLotter, which works with 2002.
  • Provide a copy of the ticket. This indicates, that the service did the job of establishing contacts with distributors of lottery tickets. But is this a reason to believe in the company's sincere intentions?? I doubt.
  • The ticket price is slightly overpriced (in 2-3 times). Zelotter earns from reselling tickets and they do not take commissions from the winnings. By the way, developers claim, Also, what will pay the way if you win the jackpot, but in practice this was not the case.
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