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Can foreigners participate in foreign lotteries?

The official rules of most lotteries in the world state, that anyone can take part in the drawing, who bought the ticket legally. It means, that the organizers do not formally limit access to the sweepstakes for foreigners.

Another thing, what to buy a lottery ticket from another country, not being in it, problematic enough. Most organizers do not sell lottery tickets online, or prescribed in the rules, that the ticket must be purchased in the territory of the host country.

Nevertheless, many residents of the CIS countries successfully play and win world lotteries, by playing with the services of an intermediary Lotto Agent. This is a service for purchasing tickets for state lotteries of various countries, who acts as an intermediary between the player and the organizer. Using the Lotto Agent website, players fill out lottery tickets, and the company's agents then buy tickets for them at official points of sale.

This game scheme is perfectly legal., because the ticket is purchased taking into account all the rules. Conditionally, it does not matter, what to ask your friend to buy a lottery ticket for you. You can buy a foreign lottery ticket without intermediaries, unless by yourself visiting the host country.

How to play foreign lotteries

Thanks to modern technologies and the imposed procedure, playing foreign lotteries is easier than ever. To take part in the next drawing of any of the above lotteries, just register on the Lotto Agent service and buy a ticket.

We will show you exactly how to buy a ticket using the example of the popular Mega Millions lottery:

  • Go to the lottery page and select the desired number of fields.
  • Clicking on the field, choose your lucky numbers.
  • Confirm your bid. The service will automatically calculate the purchase price in accordance with the number of tickets, active fields, introduced by the promo code and promotions. You just have to confirm your actions and make a payment.

For payment, you can use many payment systems convenient for residents of the CIS countries, including bank cards.

Many lotteries on Lotto Agent can be played through Syndicates, which further increases the chances of winning. Users can also take part in various promotions, get free tickets or money to buy them. To view current promotional offers, you should look at the "Promotions" section.

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