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Lotto draws live

It is possible to follow the online Lotto extraction in live streaming: simultaneously from the Extraction Rooms in Milan, Rome and Naples, on and on the My Lotteries App, Lotto game draws are accompanied by Serena Garitta on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturday from 19:55 all 20:15.
To find out if the bet is winning, you need to access the Lotto Game section and follow the Lotto drawing live, under Lotto live, according to the canonical schedule of the program:

  1. At 19:55 of every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, in the minutes preceding the draw, the numbers of the previous draw are summarized;
  2. At 20:00 it is time for the Extractions of the day which take place simultaneously in all three rooms that will be connected and visible on the screen;
  3. At the end of the extractions, it is possible to listen to the winning Lotto numbers thanks to the summary of the host who takes care of listing all the numbers drawn.

Lotto draws: the numbers of today's Lotto

On the dedicated page "Lotto Extractions", you can find the table with the results of the last draw and all the winning Lotto numbers. The table provides the following information:

  1. Lot extraction: in the central screen i 5 winning numbers and their associated reels in play.
  2. The extracts of the Simbolotto, in the right side section.
  3. The winning numbers of 10eLotto, in the final section of the Lot Extractions screen.

In the "Lotto Extractions" section you have, Moreover, available:

  1. Lotto winning numbers: it is possible to follow the draw of the Lotto live from a PC, from smartphone or via App:
  2. The archive of extractions: if you want to know the numbers of previous draws, thanks to the Live Batch Archive function, you can review the results and Lotto numbers of previous bets.

If you have purchased a Lotto ticket and want to find out if the bet is a winner, you can also follow the online Lotto draw in live streaming. The Lotto Game, in its online version, allows you to follow the moment of the draw live.

How To Play

SuperEnalotto draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:00 THIS. Players are required to pick six numbers from 1 to 90, while a Jolly number is also drawn from the remaining 84 balls and acts like the Bonus Ball in the UK Lotto, increasing the value of certain prizes.

There is also the option to select a SuperStar number between 1 and 90 for an additional fee. The SuperStar is drawn from a separate machine and provides lots of extra ways to win. Players can win prizes just by matching the SuperStar, or by matching at least two of the main SuperEnalotto numbers.

In Italy, players can take part online or by buying tickets from authorised retailers. For SuperEnalotto fans elsewhere, lottery betting services such as allow you to choose numbers online and win all the same prizes. It is a simple process, which just requires you to choose your game, pick your numbers and decide how many lines you wish to enter.

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