Lotto agent reviews negative

Information about the project “Lottoha”

The service offers to participate in 2 types of lottery or get a free bonus.

Description of the lottery:

  • Carousel. Participants place bets for a certain amount. The higher the sum of the bet, the more chances of winning. The bet is given 30 seconds, minimum number of participants - 2. After the report, the system determines a random winner from the list of participants saddling the bet. The winner receives the total draw pot, even if he put 1 ruble.
  • Numba. The system thinks of a certain number, the task of the participants is to guess it. If you guess the exact number, you will win 100 times the amount of the bet. It is possible to choose the deposit of numbers from and to, but this decreases the profit ratio.

Statistics show, that every 30 seconds people play Carousel and every second someone tries to guess the number of the system.

Exposing the project “Lottoha”

As always, complete anonymity, but everyone is guaranteed come in and play. Firstly, this is a lottery and cannot guarantee that you will win. In addition, a completely incomprehensible software is used here to analyze and determine the winner.

Notice such a difference that the participants are playing carousel or numba. There are no profiles in which there were statistics on 2 games. Also, if you look at the number of games played and calculate the total amount of time spent, it turns out that people sit for days and make bets.

Average rate 1500 carousel games. User registration at the same time 17.06.2019 (12:14:07). Roughly speaking 1 the draw goes away 1 minute. 1 500 minutes it 25 hours. It turns out, that each player spends 9 hours playing, receiving a prize in 5-10 rubles?

As always, all payments are made through one-time electronic wallets Payeer or the Free-kassa service. This makes it possible to be completely anonymous and create new wallets every day..

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