Lotto in a foreign manner

American Lotto

Is it worth playing American lotteries?

Solve, is there any point in participating in American sweepstakes, only you.

Lotto in a foreign manner

We will tell you both positive and negative points.

A plus: Big Jackpots - American lotteries have such jackpots, which are not in any draw in the world. IN 2016 and c 2017 years, the organizers of MegaMillions have paid winners over $500 million.

A plus: Buy tickets everywhere - Officially MegaMillions and PowerBall tickets (the largest lotteries in America) sold only in the USA. But you can also participate in the drawings from Russia.: eg, through intermediaries.

Minus: Attitude of Americans - US Residents, who constantly participate in lotteries, dissatisfied with the competition from foreigners.

How to play the American lottery in Russia?

It is inconvenient to travel to the USA to participate in the lottery: chance to hit the jackpot is small, and the cost of tickets and accommodation will arise in any case.

Lotto in a foreign manner

Better to use the services of intermediaries, which allow you to participate in US lotteries, being in Russia. There are many such companies now. Best in business - AgentLotto.

How to play through AgentLotto?

AgentLotto has 12 largest foreign lotteries. MegaMillions and PowerBall - including. To participate in the American lottery through AgentLotto, use the following algorithm:

  • register on AgentLotto
  • select "MegaMillions" or "PowerBall" from the list of lotteries
  • select the nearest draw and buy a ticket
  • go to your personal account and get ticket scans
  • get money - to an electronic wallet (if the gain is small) or in person at the lottery office (from $1000).

Video instruction:

The results of the game can be found, as on the intermediary's website, so on the official MegaMillions website or PowerBall. true, the last two are blocked in the RF.

Why AgentLotto?

We prefer AgentLotto, because this online service has the following advantages:

  • list of winners - it is publicly available, you can contact lucky lottery participants and ask, did they really win money through AgentLotto
  • reviews - AgentLotto works with 2012 of the year, and during this time, there were almost no negative opinions about the service on third-party sites
  • scanned copies of tickets - as soon as you buy a ticket through AgentLotto, the intermediary sends a copy of the ticket to your personal account.

If you want to play the American lottery from Russia, then there are few options in any case - either fly to the USA and buy a ticket there, or contact other less reliable intermediaries. AgentLotto is actually the only option to participate in PowerBall or MegaMillions from Russia and get a win for sure.

Which US lotteries are worth playing?

We've already mentioned two of the biggest American draws - MegaMillions and PowerBall. They are the best lotteries in America.

Lotto in a foreign manner

We have a separate article about each of them., and here we will briefly consider the conditions and rules of the game.


The MegaMillions lottery has 95 balls: 70 whites and 25 yellow. The player must try to guess the numbers of five white and one yellow ball. The more correct balls the lottery participant calls, the more he gets.

We found a table with all the winning combinations, their probabilities and prizes for winning:

Prizes Conformity Odds
Jackpot 5+PB 1:258 890 850
1 000 000 dollars 5 1:18 492 204
100 000 dollars 4+PB 1:739 688
500 dollars 4 1:52 835
200 dollars 3+PB 1:10 720
10 dollars 3 1:766
10 dollars 2+PB 1:473
4 dollar 1+PB 1:56
2 dollar 0+PB 1:21

The chance to get at least some prize in the MegaMillions lottery is 1:24 (about 4%). Little, but this is offset by a big jackpot.

Buy a lottery ticket MegaMillions in the US will cost 2 dollar. If you want to participate in the drawing, but you are in Russia or in another country, you will have to overpay 100-200%.


Another big lotto in the USA - Powerball. The drawing scheme for Powerball is the same, as in MegaMillions. Only the number and colors of balls change - in PowerBall 69 red balls and 26 white. Five white and one red balls are drawn from the lottery drum. To win the Jackpot, you need to correctly guess the numbers of all six balls.

We have collected all winning combinations and prizes for the winners in the table.:

Prizes Conformity Odds
4 dollar 1 red ball 1 of 292 201 338
4 dollar 1 white + 1 red ball 1 of 11 688 053,52
7 dollars 2 white + 1 red ball 1 of 913 129,18
7 dollars 3 white balls 1 of 36 525,16
100 dollars 3 white + 1 red ball 1 of 14 494,11
100 dollars 4 white balls 1 of 579,76
50 one thousand dollars 4 white + 1 red ball 1 of 701,32
1 million dollars 5 white balls 1 of 91,97
Jackpot 5 white + 1 red ball 1 of 38,32

According to statistics, wins a prize in the Powerball lottery 1 of 25 participants. That's not a lot, but the winnings are big: minimal - 4 dollar (in 2 times more, what is the ticket price).

What Russian players think?

We are researchers forums and comments from dozens of sites, to find out about the opinion of Russian players: "Is it worth participating in US lotteries?».


  • PowerBall and MegaMillions lotteries, who buy tickets from Russia, positive about the size of the main prizes.
  • Also, compatriots are satisfied with the fair system of draws: broadcasts are live, and it is impossible to fake the results.


  • Among the minuses, Russian participants in American lotteries point out commissions of intermediaries (come to 15%) and the complicated process of buying a ticket.
  • Lack of official points of sale on the Internet.
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