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When will the New Year's Billion be drawn?

New Year's drawing will be held 1 January in 15.30 by Moscow time. It is being broadcast live. But if the person did not have time to see the transmission 1 numbers on tv, then he can find out the results or even watch the recording of the broadcast later.

Where and when to watch the broadcast 1316 circulation

New Year's edition of "Russian Lotto" in 2020 the year will be shown live on the NTV channel. The broadcast starts at 15.30 by MSC. The program can be viewed throughout Russia. But the exact time of the start of the broadcast is better to clarify in the TV program..

Viewing the festive program "Russian Lotto" will not only allow you to find out the results, but also have a nice time. Well-known and beloved presenters will broadcast.

Russian Lotto Billion - New Year lottery 1 january 2020 of the year

Popular lottery "Russian Lotto" 1 january 2020 of the year will hold a special edition, which has already become traditional for the New Year. Big prizes with money and more will be raffled in it. But the main thing in it is the jackpot. It is increased to 1 billion. Even the name of the circulation was given the appropriate - "Billion".

A billion rubles for the New Year is a great gift for any person. But there is no point in waiting for such "presents" from loved ones, and try to win really.

Buy tickets for New Year's lotteries

Desirable, first register on the lottery website, and then buy tickets. Read below, why we recommend it and how to do it!

What will be played in 1316 circulation

New Year's lottery "Russian Lotto" is different from that, what is held weekly. The main difference is the increased prize pool and special prizes. This is not surprising, after all, the circulation takes place on the main holiday for Russians. To date, the total prize pool has reached 2 billion rubles.

All prizes of the New Year's draw are divided into 3 categories

  • Jackpot. Its size is 1000000000 rubles. Moreover, the drawing of a billion in the New Year lottery is guaranteed.. It will go to one or more participants.
  • 100 prizes for 1000000 rubles. Smaller prizes are for those, who couldn't win a billion on New Year's Eve. Their number is equal 100.
  • Other cash prizes. Their number is measured in thousands. The total prize fund is already over 3 billion rubles!

The probability of winning in the New Year's draw is higher, than usual. The game will run until there is 2 ticket.

Lottery rules: how to play and win?

You can win a billion in the New Year's lottery, if you know her rules. They are simple enough. To participate in the lottery, purchase a ticket or receive it as a gift from friends or relatives.

Each New Year's lottery ticket has 2 fields. They indicate by 15 digits (from 1 to 90). In the host's bag 90 kegs with corresponding numbers. During the drawing they will get 88 barrels. The player needs to listen to numbers, which the presenter announces and cross them out on his ticket.

Total in the game 88 moves. The prize drawing takes place in several rounds:

  • Elementary. The game is on, while in 1 all tickets will not be crossed out 5 figures in 1 any horizontal line. As soon as a winner appears, tour ends.
  • Main. It is on it that the New Year's billion from "Russian Lotto". The one will win, who will have everything crossed out first 15 digits in one of the ticket fields.
  • Additional. The winners must match everything 30 numbers on the ticket. At this stage, they will play 100 prizes for 1 million and other prizes.

How to check a ticket and find out the results, if you missed the broadcast

If the live broadcast of the program was missed, then you can find out the results of the draw later. The recording of the program will be posted in the circulation archive on the official website of Stoloto. It is not necessary to watch the entire recording of the program. You can immediately check the ticket and find out, whether he won or not.

Checking the lottery ticket "New Year's Billion"

Lottery results (circulation table)

The results of the lottery and the draw table "Russian Lotto-Billion" will be posted here in 16-30 by MSC 1 january 2020 of the year.

New Year's billion won a ticket bought in Moscow! Congratulations to the winner!

Remaining kegs - 41 and 67. They shouldn't be on your ticket. Then your ticket won a certain amount.

Video recording 1316 of the New Year lottery draw

Immediately after the end of the show on the NTV channel, we will post a video of the circulation on this page. Be sure to save it, so that 1 january 2020 of the year view the draw of the New Year's lottery, if suddenly you can't see it on TV.

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