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Exposing the lottery project

All gambling is just a way of entertainment, but not like real money making. All suggested schemes or methods, programs for making money on gambling are just a scam for money. Thus, it is easier to deceive people because who will refuse, gambling to earn from 500 euro per day? has an affiliate program. That is, if someone follows this link, will register, buy make a deposit then % of this amount will be credited to the owner of the PP link. At the moment the company offers about 20 the largest lotteries in the world. Among them are American, italian, European and Spanish. It turns out, that Ivan Melnikov just makes money on the affiliate program.

The essence of the generator is, that we choose the lottery, the system automatically calculates and issues combinations with a successful chance of winning. You can try to generate tens of thousands of times, but the interval will always be from 85 to 90% to win. After that, we start playing the lottery and follow the referral link to

Refund conditions are available:

  1. The probability of victory must be at least 65%
  2. You must buy as many lottery tickets as the generator offers you
  3. You should have more 18 years old

Under such conditions, no one will be able to return their money, because the system always shows the interval of the chance of victories from 85. The generator offers to buy from 5 lottery tickets.

The author does not even indicate any guarantees and there is no warning about the risks of losing your money without the possibility of a return. It turns out like this:

  • The system simply displays values ​​for winning, just ordinary combinations.
  • The player buys tickets through the affiliate program.
  • It all depends on the player's luck, there are no complaints about the system because it did not issue 100% chance to win.
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