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Viking lotto - Viking lotto

The number lottery Viking lotto, originally from scandinavia, has been operating for over twenty years, and is familiar to many in Europe. Today Viking Lotto unites eight countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Lottery number formula contains two fields: the main 6 of 48 and additional: 1 of 8. The winning combinations are those, which correctly guessed 3 main ball, guessed extra ball increases the winning amount. To win the jackpot, you need to correctly guess all the numbers from both fields. According to the lottery rules, the jackpot amount can be up to 30 million euros.

Viking Lotto Winning Odds
Viking Lotto contains 8 categories of winnings

Win category Probability of winning
3 major 1:61
3 major + additional 1:427
4 major 1:1 085
4 major + additional 1:7 601
5 major 1:55 653
5 major + additional 1:389 571
6 major 1:14 024 585
6 major + additional 1:98 172 096

The Viking Lotto draw takes place weekly on Wednesdays.

World lottery intermediaries

Who can play the lottery in Europe? Most European lotteries require a personal presence when buying a ticket. But this condition is helped by intermediaries., who buy tickets on behalf of the client in a specific country and make the corresponding bet. If the client won, then small winnings are transferred to the client's account, and he can pick up large ones himself in the country of the drawing or instruct an intermediary to do it.

There are a lot of such people, and not all of them are respectable. Therefore, before buying a ticket for the European lottery on any site, you must carefully study the intermediary's page and various forums, read reviews about him. But there is always a risk with a big win, that the intermediary will declare bankruptcy or simply disappear with all the money won.

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