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Green Card Lottery Results

Anyone, filed
application - questionnaire, interested in, how to find out the results of the Green Card lottery. After all, from
this information, quite possibly, the future of him and his family depends.

To find out the results of the Green Card Lottery, you must wait until mid-May of the year following the year of application. I.e, they, who applied in October - November 2019 years to participate in the lottery, can check the results in May 2020 of the year.

Green Result Data
Cards are published in a special visa bulletin, which comes out after
draw in April-May every year. So, in the top five world leaders in
number of winners entered 2018 year (and it was then that the Green Card was held
2020) Egypt with 5568 winners, Russia with 5118 successful bids, Democratic
Republic of the Congo with 4743 applications, Iran (4101 winner) and Sudan (3601

Thus, among citizens
Russia has a very good chance, as practice shows, become happy
the holder of the American green card. Many residents have good chances
post-Soviet republics, among which Ukraine is leading after Russia,
Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Earlier in that, to see the results, there was no problem. The winners of the Green Card lottery were sent the results by mail, in some cases, they even called the provided phone number and informed about the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the United States.

Most of the participants,
by entering this information, see proposal: "You were not selected". It means,
that they will not get the Green Card. But those lucky ones from all over the world, which
will see, what did they win, will have to move on to the next steps,
which includes filling out a detailed immigration application form, passing
medical examination in specialized centers (and only there!),
interviews and fingerprinting. At each of these stages, happy
the lottery winner can still be rejected.

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