Primitive lottery

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La Primitiva jackpot records

As mentioned above , Spain's largest national lottery La Primitiva has broken its own record for the largest jackpot, which took more than four months of rollovers (lack of winners in current draws), who have generated the record amount of the main lottery prize to date.

The last maximum of the main prize of the oldest lottery with a two-century history was reached in February 2014 of the year, when the jackpot was 72,6 million euros. Today at stake is the drawing of the beloved national lottery of Spain in Europe and the whole world. 75 million, increased the rate of sale of lotto tickets several times.

The positive accumulation of the lottery prize fund has begun 2 April this year with the minimum jackpot, established by the founders 2 million euros, reaching today's size after 42 rolls with rollover, increasing in 37,5 time. The last combination of numbers, which led 27 August prize fund of the La Primitiva lottery to the record amount of the main prize, is an: 8, 13, 24, 32, 39, 42 and bonus ball 18.

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