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How to participate in the Capital lottery?

After purchasing your ticket, you have a chance to win in several ways. The first, what should be done – erase the protective layer. You can instantly win up to 200 000 rubles.

And that is not all! To win a prize, its name should be drawn 3 times. If you also find the letter – congratulations. By collecting certain words from these letters, you can get an additional cash prize. for example, word “LUCK” – 1000 rubles, and “HUNDRED THOUSAND” – 100 000 rubles. You will find a lot of people on the Internet, who exchange tickets with a certain letter and are ready to buy the missing ones for a lot of money.

Collecting the "money" word in the Capital lottery

The "Capital" ticket is decorated with a portrait of the notorious author of the monumental economic work of the same name, well known to the older generation - Karl Marx.

The "instant" sector of the all-Russian lottery Capital suggests a certain amount of black humor - a portrait is the protective layer, and rub with a coin you need the image of Marx!

The result is a prize (in rubles) - the number must be repeated three times (!!!) and one of the letters. Cash rewards vary, bottom line - 20 rubles, top - 200 000 rub.

According to the rules of the additional game "Word Collecting", you need to be able to generate everything from the collected letters 4 combinations.

For instance, for the simplest word "luck" you are entitled to 200 rubles. The player will receive a thousand, accumulated letters from the word "lottery drum". And for more complex options – "Telelotery" and "hundreds of thousands" to the lucky ones are entitled to 10 000 and 100 000 rubles respectively! Needless to say, that the excitement around the exchange and sale of the necessary letters on lottery forums is unprecedented! For another "rare" letter they ask from 200 to 450 rubles.

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