Australian monday lotto

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The game was originally exactly the same, like Saturday lottery, demanding, so that six numbers are selected from 45. but, beginning with 18 October 2005 of the year, dialed the seventh, significantly increasing the chances of winning the first prize. In line with this change, Oz Lotto branding has changed in many states, to emphasize the presence of the seventh ball (including the change of names to such, like OZ Lotto Super 7 in Tutts and Oz 7 Lotto in Queensland). However with 2012 of the year, the game reverted to Oz Lotto branding in these regions. Oz Lotto guarantees a minimum prize pool of 2 million dollars, which is less, than in American and British lotteries, but not bad too.

Oz Lotto currently holds the record for largest Australian lottery jackpot. It was originally guaranteed in the amount 100 million US dollars, four winners split the division pull 1 at the rate of 111 972 151,04 USD in the drawing 6 November 2012 of the year.

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