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American lotteries

Having appeared several centuries ago, American lotteries have come a long way. It is now that they are completely controlled by the state., and even at the end of the nineteenth century, serious scandals flared up due to corruption on the basis of a lot of money, spinning in the lottery business. In those years, many lotteries were held by private equity holders, which gave no guarantees of honesty and gave rise to corruption. That is why US President Harrison did everything, to ban lotteries. As a result of his efforts, a law was passed, which actually paralyzed American lotteries.

But human passion cannot be stopped by laws, therefore in 1964 year in the state of New Hampshire was held the first lottery in decades. A few years later, New York has its own lottery, three years later, New Jersey joined. And then the lotteries continued their victorious march across the country.

And although people only hear two or three American lotteries, in fact there are over twenty of them now. The vast majority of US lotteries are held in specific states, and only a few have crossed the boundaries of a separate state and can rightfully be called American lotteries, since the largest number of residents of the country participate in them (and other countries – also). These lotteries are famous for their simple rules and impressive jackpots.

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