What is the most winning lotto

10 the most winning lotteries in russia

First place. Modest retired millionaire

The largest lottery win in Russia belongs to a resident of the Voronezh region, which won a fabulous sum of 506 million rubles in the lottery "Russian Lotto". Such a large amount has been raffled off 5 November 2017 years in circulation 1204, and today is the largest lottery win in the history of Russia.

63-the summer winner was sought by the lottery organizers 2 weeks, since the lucky woman could not believe in her luck. "Russian Lotto" for a family is the best gift for the holidays ", – notes the new millionaire. Voronezh pensioner reported, what will spend this money on helping his children and grandchildren, and will also donate part of the money to charity.

How will the fate of the winner be, Will winning bring happiness, not yet known. But already now, threats began to come to her address with the demand to share and seek help.. Besides, the trip to Moscow cost her dearly, even had to borrow a jacket and boots, since there was nothing to wear.

What is the most winning lotto

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