What are the lotteries in Russia

State lotteries of russia. list 2018 of the year


A relatively new state lottery, which is held in support of the Olympic Winter in Sochi. Official organizer - Ministry of Finance. Operator – LLC "Sportloto". This LLC belongs to the oligarch Boyko O.V.

The name implies the continuity of the Sportloto lottery, popular in the Soviet Union.. Read more about this in the article history of the lottery.

Presented 2 draw lotteries – “Sportloto 6 of 49 "- held once a week, on Sunday, in 21:00 and KENO-Sportloto – held daily in 23:59. Sportloto - classic lottery, game principle and name, apparently, designed to use people's nostalgic feelings for the good old Soviet sports lottery. In Keno, the size of the bet and, accordingly, the size of the win can be varied. As in the previous case, tickets are available both through distributors, and via http://www.stoloto.ru.

Chance to hit the jackpot in Sportloto 6 of 49 is 1 to 13 983 816.The minimum lottery bet "Sportloto 6 of 49 "includes 6 numbers in one playing field and costs 20 rubles.

The biggest sports lottery win so far was 10 million rubles. About it, as well as about other jackpots won in Russia, you can read in the article Big wins.

The next section is dedicated to non-state lotteries.

Commercial operators include:

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