How to participate in foreign lotteries

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How to choose an intermediary

Choosing a good intermediary for playing foreign lotteries is not so easy. A corresponding query in Internet search engines gives out several dozen suitable links. But a detailed analysis reveals, that not all services are trustworthy.

Here is a list of basic requirements, which a reliable intermediary must meet:

Time on the market. How long the company provides the service is one of the key factors in determining the level of trust. Several years for such a field of activity is clearly not enough. A good indicator is considered ten or more years. By deceiving your customers or using fraudulent schemes, the company would hardly have managed to stay on the market for such a long time.
Respect for customers

Important, so that the intermediary company is ready to meet its players. A user-friendly interface and high-quality support service means a lot

Players must be confident, that in case of any difficulties, they are always ready to provide professional assistance.
Optimal commissions. The middleman should not be prone to blind greed, sell tickets at exorbitant prices or withdraw most of the winnings as a commission. Otherwise, the game becomes profitable only for the intermediary himself.
Convenience of payment. The intermediary service must have convenient payment methods. it, eg, payment systems popular in the CIS countries Webmoney and QIWI. Of course, bank cards must also be supported.
Safety. Not less important, so that all payments are accepted by the intermediary through a secure channel. Likewise, all data transfer operations must be carried out with the proper level of their protection.. Nobody wants to, so that his winning ticket worth several million goes to hackers.

An incentive system for clients will become a pleasant bonus to cooperation. Desirable, so that players have the opportunity to receive any additional benefit from the game. for example:

  • buying a ticket, get another additional one within the framework of the promotion;
  • the opportunity to buy tickets in bulk at a discount.

Offer from Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent fully complies with all of the above requirements. The history of this company begins in 2010 year. Today, using the services of the company, you can play more than twenty of the best state lotteries, selected around the world. Among them:

  • generous American Powerball wins, MEGA Millions и Superlotto Plus;
  • multi-million euro EuroJackpot and EuroMillions;
  • Spanish El Gordo, BonoLoto;
  • Italian SuperEnalotto and many others.

International agents of Lotto Agent promptly purchase tickets at their official points of sale, and the company's managers immediately enter information about tickets on the site, so that customers are aware of their winnings. The site has a 24/7 support service, ready to provide answers to any questions, and there are many convenient ways to pay and receive a prize.

Users, who want to significantly increase their chances of winning the lottery, the service offers an easy way to syndicate. Also, Lotto Agent clients have the opportunity to receive:

  • free tickets;
  • discounts;
  • bonus money for the game.

The company regularly hold promotions, and also has a stable customer reward system, referral program.

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