American lotteries from Russia

Foreign lotteries for Russians: reviews

What American lotteries to play?

Despite, that a lot of people live in the USA, who dream of Jackpot, and foreign players also join them, There are not many lotteries in America.

The most famous and attractive are PowerBall and Mega Millions, plus even mini-lotteries and instant ones with more modest prize pools.


Powerball's main prize in the entire history of the lottery was not less than 40 million dollars, and the maximum was 1,6 billion, it was ripped off in 2016 year.

What are the rules?

In this lottery, you need to choose 5 numbers from 69 mostly field and 1 number from 29 in additional:

By choosing more 5 rooms, namely the function: "With a multiplier" in the first part, you can double your chances of winning, however, the ticket price will also increase.

How much can you win?

Guessed balls (regular field and additional) Winnings
1PB 4$
1 + 1PB 4$
2 + 1PB 7$
3 7$
3 + 1PB 100$
3 100$
4 + 1PB 1000$
5 10000$
5 + 1PB Jackpot

What are the chances?

The odds of winning the main cash prize are negligible - 1:292 201 338. Nevertheless, Powerball players prove, what is impossible is possible. The phenomenal luck of the lottery participants helped to win huge jackpots and 2016, and c 2017 years.

Winnings over 600$ can only be picked up at the office of the organizing company, and it's quite problematic to do it yourself, if you played American lotteries in Russia. Concierge collects winnings on behalf of foreign winners, which the, if the intermediary is honest, transfers funds to you to electronic payment systems.

Mega Millions

The minimum jackpot of the Mega Millions lottery is 15 million dollars, increase - every print run, until someone hits the jackpot. It doesn't happen that often, and the main prize can "grow" up to several hundred million dollars.

As in PowerBall, within the framework of one draw, two draws are held - the main one (5/75, lottery drum with white balls) and additional (1/15 , balls of red). It is the additional numbers that can bring the participant a resounding victory and winning the main prize.

If desired, the broadcast of the drawing can be watched live, but due to the time difference, not every Russian player finds it convenient. In general, reviews of American lotteries in Russia are positive, true, there are not many of them, since only a small percentage of our compatriots decide to play the overseas lottery.

Mini lotteries

Mini-format games offer players more modest prizes, but also runs much more often, rather than big lotteries.

The rules of the game are almost the same, as usual. The difference is only the number of balls matched. for example, in Florida LuckyMoney to receive the main cash reward, you must guess 4 numbers from 7 and 1 of 17.

But here, where to buy a ticket for the American mini-lottery, I can’t say for sure - I haven’t seen any offers for sale on any of the intermediary sites.

American Instant Lottery

You are unlikely to find this type of lotteries in the online sale - they do not involve guessing the numbers, the player only needs, what to erase the protective field and see the result of your luck. Usually, he is never big.

Scratches for instant play attract with a bright design and the ability to win a few dollars in a matter of seconds. They are not available for players via the Internet, but I am talking about them for informational purposes only: can, you are interested, what do people in other countries play, can, you yourself will have to visit the USA and buy Texas Hold'em or Monopoly tickets.

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