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Cheating schemes in Russian lotto in 2019 year: the media got information about huge fraud

Where to get your winnings?

Electronic or paper ticket with a telephone number

You can get a prize in the "Russian Lotto" if a ticket was purchased via the Internet or by mail in cash at a ground distribution point. Different points of sale have different maximum winnings, therefore, for a specific location, see the limit on the map of points of sale on the website Don't forget to bring your passport.

In the official lottery center "Stoloto" you can collect the winnings in the "Russian Lotto" to 599 999 rubles, at the same time, on the day of circulation - winnings to 20 000 rubles. Payment from 20 thousand. to 599 999 rubles need to be agreed in advance by phone 8 900 555-00-55 (toll call). Also discuss the time of your visit during the call.

If your winnings exceeds 600 thousand rubles, you can get it only by bank transfer. Winnings are also issued at the Stoloto lottery center at: Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, d. 43, corp. 3, business center "Avilon Plaza", lottery center "Stoloto" (m. "Textile workers", the last carriage from the center).

Payment to 500 thousand. rubles you can also withdraw to the "Stoloto" wallet and from there transfer it to a bank card, to the bank using free details or to another electronic wallet.

Paper ticket without phone number

You can claim your ticket winnings in cash at the following locations:

  • in the central office of "Stoloto" in Moscow (to 200 000 p.). Address: 109316, Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, d. 43, corp. 3, Joint Stock Company "Technological Company" Center ";
  • at the official lottery center (to 600 000 p.);
  • in the branches of the "Russian Post" (no more 1 000 p.);
  • at land-based points of sale (look for limits and addresses on a special card on the Stoloto website).
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