How to buy an American lottery in Russia

Американские лотереи из россии — как играть в лотереи сша через интернет | foreign lotteries

How to play American lottery from Russia?

To play the American lottery, it is enough to use the services of a trusted intermediary. At the moment, there are several similar ones on the Internet., who have already gained popularity and trust among players.

One of these is the Agentlotto portal, who provides a scanned copy of the ticket upon purchase and transfers funds in case of winning, and regardless of the size of the prize.

Instructions, how to play

To start playing the lottery, just a few simple steps:

The user's personal account contains all the information on the purchased tickets. During some time, a scanned copy of the ticket will appear on the same page (often for 5-7 hours before the start of the draw), which confirms honesty.

In case of winning, money will be transferred to Agentlotto account, from where they can be removed by a convenient method from those presented by the system.

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